Everest Skydive

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View of Mount Everest from Kala Patar dawn. Ramesh is a mountaineer and skydiver who has also climbed the Everest.

View of Mount Everest south face from Kala Patar dawn.

Getting ready for the skydive. To get a first hand feel of Ramesh`s experiences click on article link in last picture.

Next 3 pictures show me at different stages of the skydive. I exited at 0750 hr at 22000 ft AGL facing the Everest in the north direction. The western Curn and the entire south face of Everest was visible.

Close to landing. It was just 4 seconds after the exit that I punched my parachute and soon I was under the colourfull canopy descending down.

Getting ready to come on the ground. I waived to my friends in jubilation and once again facing Sagarmatha joined hands to thank her.

You see one of the two Britishers includes Leo Dickinson who is a well known film maker. The Heli landed to pick us up and by 0900 hrs we flew back to Lukhla. After refueling we exited from lukhla avoiding approaching clouds and were back in Kathmandu by 1500 hrs.

The feat came only one year after Nepal first started allowing skydiving in the high altitudes region around Mount Everest. The previous record landing was also in the shadow of Mount Everest at a drop zone (Siang bouche) at 12,350 ft . You see Raffel, Leon and myself. To read article by Ramesh Tripathi titled `World Record Skydive Jump` click here

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