Sudarshan Art & Crafts Village

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Entrance to SUDARSHAN ART & CRAFTS VILLAGE, CB-5, Jaydev Vihar, Bhubaneswar. It was set up in 1991 by Sudarshan Sahoo, a Padma Shri Awardee Sculptor, with the principle of the ancient Gurukul system of learning. It is largish area where there is Gurukul, workshop and residence of Shri Sahoo.

Odisha Red Sand Stone Mural of JATAKA TALES (Life Story of Buddha) in progress. Length is 110 feet and width is about 12 feet. App weight is 150 tons.

Work in progress of MARA, the devils trying the disturb and distract Gautam before enlightment. To see pics of Ratnagiri Monastery ie 65 kms from Bhubaneswar Click here

Gautam, the prince of Kapilavastu leaving his palace searching for a different world. When Gautam left his house at night, it would make noise so various Devatas lifted the horse so that there is no noise.

As soon as MAYADEVI gave birth to Gautam at Lumbini forest, He stood up & walked seven steps pronouncing His arrival.

Prince Gautam visiting outside his palace to see the four truths of life - Misery, Old Age, Death and Hermitage.

Wooden sculpted Krishna Arjun in Chariot in side show room of Sudarshan Art & Crafts Village.

In show room is image of Nataraj - The eternal destroyer.

In village garden Konark wheel 9 feet diameter with Musical lady.

VASTRA-HARAN - Krishna taking away the cloths of His Beloved Gopis at river Yamuna. To see pictures of Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh Click here

Preparation for Mural of Dancing Girls in muralistic form.

Rough cutting of sculptures

Carving a Part of Temple Top.

Ganesh in final stage.

KURMA-AVATAR in miniture style with fine details. To see pics of Applique work at Pipli Click here

Samudra Manthan & Dasavatra depicted back of Kurmavatar. To see pics of Mukteswar Temple Bhubaneswar Click here

Carving out details in MATSYAVATAR ie one of the ten avatars of Lord Vishnu. To see pics of Raja Rani Temple Bhubaneswar Click here

Making out figure by an artist in modern artire. To see pics of Pattachitra Paintings Click here

Sculptures at Garden of Sudarshan Art & Crafts Village.

Sculptures at Garden of Sudarshan Art & Crafts Village. Their contacts in Puri showroom 91-6752-220474, 222474 or call Mr Rabi Sahoo 91 94370 36161 and in Bhubneswar showroom 91-674-2360052, 2360588. Email id is

Mahisasura Mardini Durga. To see similar pic in Durg Temple, Aihole, Karnataka see pic no 22. Click here

Vishnu - Anant Sayan Mudra. From this pic onwards images are in showroom of Raghunath Mohapatra - it is on the road to Puri.

Odisha Red Sand Stone sculptures. Shri Mohapatra is a recipient of Padmashree, Padmabhusan and Padmavibhusan National Award.

Buddha in different posture.

Odisha Red Sand Stone sculptures.

Ganesh & Hanuman.

Recreation of Konark Wheel Panel.

Odisha Red Sand Stone sculptures.

Ganesh and Dancing Girls.

Dancing and Musical Ladies.

Krishna in different posture.

Sculpture of God and Goddess. Shri Raghunath Mohapatra contacts are 0674-2343434, cell nos 91 9437305383, 9937886451, add is Sisupal Square, Puri road, Bhubaneswar. Email id

Work Together, Share Peace. It shows two hands shaking hands indicating that world peace requires beings with different view points to work together.

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