Solar Eclipse 2010 India

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First Contact-shadow of moon just touches sun. Sooraj is a 15 year old budding amateur photographer.

Crescent Sun-shadow of moon advances further. He clicked these pictures at what was earlier known as Trivandrum.

Thin Crescent-shadow has advanced much more.

Horse-shoe-shadow is about to cover the sun.

Annularity through Red filter-Sun fully covered by the moon except for outer ring-the ANNULUS.

Annularity through Yellow filter-fully covered Sun with outer ring of light.

Annularity through Cloud-fully covered

Annularity without Filter-visible to the naked eye

Horse Shoe (3rd Contact)-shadow is slowly moving off.

Going Away Crescent-shadow is going further away.

Moon shadow is going even further.

Last Contact-shadow is just leaving the sun.

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