Jallianwala Bagh

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2 minutes before the Golden Temple is Jallianwala Bagh. U see narrow entrance to the bagh.

Board in Bagh tells you why the Memorial. Gen Dyer arrived at the Bagh with armoured cars and troops (50 rifles). He stationed himself and troops on a rising ground at entrance of Bagh n then without any warning ordered troops to fire at about 100 yards range at a dense crowd of 6,000, some say 10,000 but unarmed. About 380 killed and 1500 injured.

Board is self-explainatory. On that day Gen Dyer issued a curfew order that all persons must be indoors after 8pm or would run the risk of being shot. Thus the wounded lay in agony, the jackals and vultures came to tear the flesh from the bodies of those dead while scared relatives of victims were terrified in their homes.

Amar Jyoti - flame burns in memory of those who were fired on 13th April 1919. Sponsored by Indian Oil Corporation. Appreciate.

Overview of garden. In the centre is red stone pylon which represents a flame.

Walls have bullet marks to this day that you shall see in next pic. 1,650 rounds were fired, at innocent Indians who were protesting in a non-violent way, on the instructions of Gen Dyer.

U see bullet marks on wall indicated by white square. There is another wall on which bullet marks are visible.

U see four stone lanterns flank the red stone pylon which represents a flame.

U see Martyr''s Well. To escape from the firing helpless people jumped into the well. Over 120 bodies were recovered. Countries like England, then and today, refer to human rights, peace, justice yet they are the ones who have scant respect for human rights. Witness how some NATO countries bombed Libya out of shape in 2011-12 (not that I support Gaddafi).

Group picture of tourists from Kannur Kerala. They seemed to be enjoying themselves. Saw them enjoying chole bathuras later. There were lots of tourists from Bengal, Gujarat and Maharashtra as well.

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