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In Golden Temple New we took you for a virtual tour of Hari Mandir. We present pics of the Golden Temple at various times starting from 5 to 8am and 5pm to 11pm. U see temple with 156 feet watch towers in the background. Pic taken about 5am. Tree area is Dukh Bhanji Sahib.

Same pic taken about 5.45am as the sun was about to rise. Please see the Golden Temple New photos before you see this because those pics have detailed captions unlike this one.

Same pic taken about 5.15pm. This is the first time that we are presenting pic in day and night format. Do email us feedback on how you enjoyed it.

Same pic taken about 6.45 pm as the sun was beginning to set.

Same pic taken about 7.30pm.

A partial view of the temple complex from the south tower entrance. Left is Golden Temple, behind that light you see is northern tower, extreme right of pic is east side entrance.

An early morning view of the Akal Takht. It was built by 6th Guru Har Govind (1606-1644) and has been the nerve centre of Sikh Dharam ever since. The young Guru armed and drilled some of his sturdy disciples. He sat in the Akal Takht in princely attire, administered justice like a king in court and narrated stories of deathless bravery while professional bards sang ballads of unrivalled heroism esp of the Rajputs.

A late evening view of the Akal Takht. Bottom of pic u can see shamina thus not able to get top to bottom view.

North western view of Hari Mandir. Pic taken around 5.30am. Water looking blue that time.

Rising sun rays falling on the temple. Pic taken around 7.30am.

Similar pic of the evening sun on the temple. Pic taken around 6pm.

Pic of Hari Mandir and causeway taken around 4.30am. 21/4/2012 was Amavasya so heavy rush of devotees from 4am onwards.

East facing side of temple. Pic taken around 5.45am.

Similar pic about 8am. Rising sun rays falling on the temple - looks lovely.

Similar pic about 8pm.

East facing side of temple at about 10pm.

East facing side of temple with background on west side. Extreme left of pic you see a huge screen (donated by Candian devotees). Whatever is recited from the Golden Temple appears on the screen in both Punjabi and English - for the convenience of all devotees. Pic taken about 10pm. Right of pic two flags are Nishan Sahib.

A view of the Hari Mandir thru the arch at Tharha Sahib. Guru Ram Das and Guru Arjun sat here and supervised work of the tank. Early morning pic.

An evening view of the Hari Mandir thru the arch. Right of pic is Akal Takht identified by light on top of the dome.

An overview of the Golden Temple and tank. Left hand side is north side clock tower, centre is temple, behind are two 156 feet watch towers, tree with green light is Dukh Bhanji Sahib. Pic taken at 10pm.

Devotees taking a holy dip at Dukh Bhanji Sahib. Guru Ram Das told Bibi Rajni that her selfless service, determination and power of the holy place helped her crippled husband become healthy. Hence it is named Dukh Bhanji Sahib. Morning pic.

About 8.30pm. There was a heavy drizzle that evening. Right of pic is Dukh Bhanji Sahib. Left are 156 feet watch towers. In centre between the two towers is the temple langar.

Now we show temple from the southern side. U see southern view. Pic taken around 6am.

Early evening view of temple from southern side.

View at 6.45pm as the sun was setting.

View about 7.30pm of temple from southern side tower.

View about 10.30pm of temple from southern side tower.

Overview of temple complex from northern side. Pic taken about 6am.

Similar pic taken about 8am.

Temple view from northern tower - pic taken about 8am.

Pic taken about 5pm.

Pic during a heavy drizzle about 9pm.

A view of the temple after the sky had cleared.

Pic taken about 8pm.

Pic taken about 4.30am.

North western view of temple, on right is south side clock tower. Pic taken 8am.

Similar pic 6.30pm.

This is Ber tree under which Baba Budhaji sat to excavate the tank and construct the temple. Background is north side clocktower.

An early morning view about 4.30am. Note the Golden Temple looks so nice at that hour.

A 6am view of the Hari Mandir, causeway and Akal Takht.

A view of the temple taken from the northen tower just after sunset say 7.15ish. Early morning and this time sky turns blue and makes the water look blue as well.

Early morning rays of the temple on the eastern side. Pic around 7.45am.

After sunset and before it got dark is the time when took this pic 7.30pm to be precise. Loved how the temple looked at different during sunrise and sunset - amazing.

Pic taken around 7.30am. Centre temple with causeway and south side tower behind.

Similar pic about 4.30am.

A 6am overview of the southern tower, temple, holy tank and Akal Takht.

Similar view at 8.10am.

Clicked from south tower side a 8.30am view of temple with north side tower in background.

Similar view at 5pm with the evening sun rays falling on the temple.

Early morning sun rays falling on the eastern side of temple.

Similar pic around 7.30pm.

A 7.15pm pic of me clicked by a friend that I made in the temple.

A 8ish morning pic of the east side of temple taken from the south eastern side of temple.

Simliar pic about 8pm. Am blessed that in 2012 could visit Bodh Gaya, Pavapuri and now Amritsar. Ishwar ki kripa hai.

A 7.15 pm view of the temple. Sun had set and the lights were starting to come on.

A 6pm view of the sun''s rays falling on the temple. To take a virtual tour of Golden Temple Click here

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