Pushkar Fair

By Dinesh Madhavan dineshphotography@gmail.com | 2010

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A decorated camel at the camel fair. The Pushkar Fair is held at Karthik Purnima time. In 2009 the Purnima is on November 2.

A work of art on a camel body, what we call a tatoo. Pushkar is known for its camel fair where camels are bought and sold.

A camel waiting to be sold or bought at the fair ground. Pushkar has the world`s only Brahma Temple.

A camel getting checked by a prospective buyer.

A tribal family making their morning meal at the fair ground.

A villager carrying camel dung for their daily mean. It is used as fire.

Camels parked at the mela ground.

villager anxiously waiting under the shade, looking for a buyer.

A villager collecting the camel dung from the camel ground.

Villager walking across the camel ground.

The camel trade happenning aginst the sunset.

Camels and its owners at dusk.

The giant wheel at the mela silhouetted agianst the sky.

A temple inside the Pushkar village. Can someone tell me which temple is this.

A tribal walking across a dhoti, which is getting dried.

The ghat, where pilgrims comes to offer their prayers during Kartik Poornima. The Pushkar lake is one of the most holy spots. It is said that a single dip in the waters of lake on Kartika Poornima is same as performing yagnas for several hundred years.

The sadhus walking to the temple on the most important day of Kartik Poornima.

A close up shot of the ghat, where people immerse themselves. This enigmatic lake has fifty-two bathing ghats, built around it. The water water around each ghat is supposed to have special powers. The Naga Kund is considered to give fertility, Roop Tirth bestows beauty and charm, the water of Kapil Vyapi Kund is said to have powers to cure leprosy and a dip in the Mrikand Muni Kund gives the blessing of wisdom.

Two villagers watching the procedures happening on the lake. Do go for the Camel Safari.

A view of the camel ground with thousands of camels. Clicked this picture from across the hill.

A view of the fair ground in the night.

The hot air baloon getting the lift off early in the morning as the villagers and tourists watch on.

The hot air baloons allow tourists to have a aerial view of the holy town.

Sadhus relaxing on the banks of the ghat.

A local vendor walking across the narrow lanes, in search of a good spot to sell his product.

A local girl.

A local lady on her the way to the ghat. Note the ghoonghat covers her face unlike a Burqa which covers body top to bottom.

The pilgrims getting their clothes washed in the lake

A traditional rope performer, in a modern attire.

The horse race that happens on the fair ground during the cattle fair.

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