Ramayana Around Rameshwaram

By Sanjeev Nayyar Sanjeev@esamskriti.com | 2016

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Rameshwaram is 575 kms from Chennai. U see Ganesha Temple at Uppoor. It is called Sri Veyil Ugantha Vinayagar temple. "When Sri Rama came to know about the place of captivity of Sita through Anjaneya, He set out from Prachravana hills with His monkey army to Vanni forests through the eastern coast. He worshipped Veyil Ugantha Vinayaka in a serene environment and sought His blessings for victory in his efforts and proceeded towards Sethukarai." To know more Click here

Next stop was Devipattinam, a coastal village ie 70 kms from Rameshwaram. Here Shri Ram installed nine stones as you shall see. Close to entrance is this huge tree where devotees pray for their wish to be fulfilled and tie a piece of cloth / lock on branch of a tree.

Entrance to Navabashanam. In this coastal village one can find the temple of Devi who killed Mahisashura in this spot. It is said that Rama calmed the sea at the coastal village to install nine stones representing the Navagrahas or the nine planets.

It is in this enclosure that you see the Navagrahas or Nine Planets. From beach walk for about 2-3 minutes to reach here.

Indians also perform the last rites for their ancestors here as you see in pic.

A view of the nine stones. Some devotees walk in the water, others go for a dip in the sea water where the wall ends.

A family had come to offer pranams. Nice of them to agree for a pic.

Group of ladies from within Tamil Nadu had come for darshan.

Images and old Swami at a temple ie minutes away from entrance. Not sure if it is the Devi temple referred to above.

This is Sethukkarai referred to in caption 1. "A place of Puranic importance, Sethu karai (meaning the Sethu Coast) is an important pilgrim centre owing to the belief that Shri Ram is said to have constructed a bridge from here over the sea waters to reach Sri Lanka".

We now see association of Ramayana in Rameshwaram and within distance of 20 kms. Board is self-explanatory.

Temple at point of Lashmana Theertham.

"The PANCHAMUGA [Five-Faced ] Hanuman Temple is 2 kms from main temple. The deity of the Hanuman is drawn with senthooram (Vermillion). Images of Sri Ram, Sita and Hanuman brought from Danushkodi during the 1964 cyclone are placed there. The Floating Stone used to build the Sethu Bandhanam or the bridge between India and Lanka too can be found in this temple."

Couple from Jharkhand, the home state of M S Dhoni, gave a new definition to love. It can also mean sharing a coconut in an auto-rickshaw.

"At Gandamadana Parvatham. It is a hillock situated 3 kms away and is highest point in the island. One can see the imprint of Lord Rama’s feet on a chakra here."

U get a very good view of the island from here. This is sea view. U can see two windmills in pic.

A view of the gopurams of Rameshwaram Mandir from hillock. To see pics of Rameshwaram Temple Click here

On left is Sugreevar Temple/Theertham. It is situated on the way to Gandamadana Parvatham.

Jada Theertham is 3.5 kms from Rameswaram. It is believed that, Rama on his return from Lanka after Ravana Vadham, washed his Jada [hair] in this theertham to purify him before proceeding to worship Ramalingeswarar. Hence this holy water body is called Jada Theertham. "

Ceiling painting inside temple ie at Jada Theertham.

On the way to Dhanuskodi island is the Kothandaraswamy Temple. It is like an island with sea on 3 sides. Loved the place. U can see gopuram and TV Tower from the road that leads to this temple.

This is the road that leads to the Kothandaraswamy Temple. This link tells you all about this temple and other places in & around Rameshwaram. Comprehensive info Click here

Board that tells you why this is a place of pilgrimage. The temple has many beautiful statues of Lord Rama, Sita, Hanuman, Lakshmana and Vibhishana.

Saw devotees walk from temple entrance to sea. Water was not deep.

Favourite pic for devotees taken by local photographers - devotees carry a piece of the Ram Sethu stone and pose.

Devotees offering prayers at a lingam (I think) just as you enter water. Rameshwaram has so many places associated with Ramayana and Sri Krishna/Radhe worshipped by lakhs in Mathura (Braj area) makes you question the need for proof of their existence?

Devotees have a dip in the sea, then drying their saris as you see. Missed seeing Villoondi Tirtham ie 7 kms from Rameshwaram where Sri Ram created a well within the sea to satisfy Sita''s thirst.

Devotees from Himachal Pradesh, some distance. If remember correctly they were from Palanpur. Temple has paintings that depict the Ramayana. It was too crowded on the day I went so left that for another day.

Ladies making home of mud. Can you help with significance of this.

Behind temple devotees having a quiet meal.

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