Ujjayanta Palace

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Ujjayanta Palace, Agartala in Tripura. The palace has two small tanks on either side in front of palace. This is the most popular pic of the palace where its reflection is seen in tank water. Palace in the heart of Agartala, covers a area of 1 sq.Km. and was built by Maharaja Radha Kishore Manikya during 1899-1901.

We first present pictures of temples that are close to Palace. This is back side of entrance of the Jaganath Temple ie like 5 minutes from the palace. ''Situated near the Kunjaban palace, the temple attracts many because of its peculiar structure which is octagonal at the basement, and has an excellent pradakshinapatha round the sanctum''.

Pond inside temple. There was a festival on that day, thousands of devotees. Temple was clean. To know more about temple Click here

In temple were various images like these. Think this is Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, the highly respected sant from Bengal.

Scene from Mahabharat war. On right is Pitamaha Bhishma in the chariot . Bhagwan Krishna is killing Kaunsa, behind him brother Balram is standing. Arjun is watching. A cow from Vrindawan is also present there! In such paintings generally artist do not keep the sequence of events but glorify the deity. Here it''s Bhagwan Krishna Lila.

Scene from Ramayana. What is shown is Sita Haran. Ravana is standing in Sadhu''s guise. Also standing are Sita & Lakshman. In case of any errors in caption do write back.

Entrance to Ujjayanta Palace - it has a grand entrance and lay out.

View as I entered palace compound. Bust of Dr B R Ambedkar in front. Rulers of Tripura belonged to the Tripuri Tribal community. In post independent India they were probably classified as tribals most probably Dalits or Depressed Classes hence Ambedkar bust. Ace music directors S D Barman and son R D Barman too belonged to the Tripuri Tribal community. Did you ever see these super father son duo thru the prism of being a Tribal or Depressed Class member?

View of the garden from the entrance to palace. At far end is palace entrance dome. Tanks on both sides of this lawn.

Close up of Ujjayanta Palace. Wow palace. Very good vibrations. Elegant, fell in love with it. Today it houses a Government Museum that showcases Tripura Art and Culture and other States of the North East plus countries of S.E. Asia. Museum woth seeing, time 10 am to 5 pm. Please chk if open on Saturday.

Another view of the Palace. To read about palace history Click here

Close up view of dome. Next pic has dome of Umaid Bhawan Palace Jodhpur Rajasthan so u can see the similarities. Palace has 3 domes, the central one has height of 86 feet.

A back side view of the Umaid Bhawan Palace Hotel Jodhpur. Another magnificent property. Chairs are for marriage. Most big palaces in Rajasthan become Hotels, wonder why this one became a Museum. To see pics of Umaid Bhawan Click here

A side view of the palace taken around 4.30 ish.

Side view of the palace from the opposite side.

Another respected temple close to the palace whose name I forget. Small but popular temple.

On the left of the palace entrance is another temple whose name I forgot. Temple walls have like what you see - this one made out of tiles. Note carefully and it depicts various aspects of Tripura culture for e.g. right lady blowing a shankh, diyas right bottom of pic, kalash in centre of pic, right top is Jaganath etc.

Laxmi Narayan Temple ie on right of palace entrance. It was made in 1910 and is highly respected by people of Agartala.

Board self-explanatory. To know all about tourist places in Tripura Click here

I visited temple Saturday morning. There was a stream of newly married couples who visited temple, offer their pranams before leaving. To see pics of Kangla Fort Imphal Click here

Stone statute in the Ujjayanta Palace. To see Shiv Niwas Hotel Udaipur Click here

Back to the temple on left of palace entrance. Ten hand Durgaji. To see pics of Tripura Sundari Shakti Peeth Click here

This shows images of Unakoti ie about 6 hours drive from Agartala. If u visit Tripura u must visit Unakoti - rock cut sculptures are a wonder. To see pics Click here

U see me on the last day of my 25 day trip to the North East. Friends each of the 7 states is unique and deserves a visit. Super. I loved Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura, Nagaland and Manipur. To see pics of Tawang Monastery in Arunachal Click here

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