Wall Paintings of Kashi

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1. Shivnagari Kashi mein aap ka sawagat hai. U are welcome to Kashi, the town of Shivji. This album covers wall paintings and food stalls on the streets of Kashi. Captions by Editor. Photographer Arun was associated with the Indian Air Force for 16 years as a technical photographer. He co-authored book ‘Varanasi-A Passage to Immortality’.

2. Never seen Ganesha with a musical instrument. In Bharat, Ganesha is invoked before starting any prayer. Arun twitter handle is arunsahaphotog1 and Instagram id is Arunsahaphotograhy, site www.arunsaha.com

3. Sunrise at Assi Ghat. Around sunrise take a boat ride from Assi ghat to Rajghat and see sunrise, some experience. We visited in November 2023 for Dev Deepavali.

4. Diyas placed in the form of Lingam. Kanchi Paramacharya, Jagadguru Sri Chandrasekarendra Saraswathi said, “The idea in lighting the deepam with such consecration is that every person who sees the light and every living creature, worm, insect, bird, beast or plant, on which the lustre of the deepam falls, will be suffused with the presence of God and will be blessed by Him.”

5. Pic is very representative of Kashi. Kashi is also known as the ‘City of Light’. It is also home to the Kashi Vishwanath Mandir and Benaras Hindu University. Sarnath and Ramanagar Fort are close by.

6. Night pic, shadow of cow. Kashi has lots of sari shops, made locally famous.

7. Marigold flower seller on left.

8. Ghats of Kashi are very clean now days. All credit to the local administration.

9. External house wall is also painted. Divinity exists everywhere.

10. Shivji, cow, cycle and Pandit – all parts of Kashi.

11. Puris being made. Try puri and alu ki sabzi in Kashi, super. Also visit Kashi Chart Bhandar for local fast food.

12. Tea shops everywhere. Temple on right nicely painted.

13. The bike of India – Royal Enfield. Arun also runs his own photography tour and workshop venture.

14. Being made Samosa, Kachori and sweets. Street food in Kashi is good, always eat it hot.

15. Boy selling balloons, saris for drying.

16. Dosa batter, think he is making Onion Uttapam. Since Kashi attracts lots of devotees from South India, Idli-Dosa freely available. Actually, Idli-dosa like Pani-puri is popular across India.

17. Another tea stall.

18. Making PAN.

19. Ganga Aarti at Dashawamedh Ghat. Seeing this evening aarti is a must.

20. Note size of bell in his left hand.

21. Pouring tea in an earthen eco-friendly cup.

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