Badrinath Yatra Snow

By Prateek Nayak | 2020

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1. Shape of Nature in the land of God from clouds to mountains everything was looking so fresh. I found myself so close to nature that peace comes easily and one becomes spiritual as well.

2. I started clicking from the holy city of Haridwar City which is around 250 km from New Delhi. Har ki Pauri is a major Ghat from where Ganga begins to flow into urban India.

3. Evening Aarti on the Ghats of Har Ki Pauri. Here thousands of devotees praise the Ganges as Mother River of India. It starts from the northern part of India and empties into the sea of West Bengal.

4. U see Ram Dhanush Bridge, Haridwar. The water of Ganges seems pure and clear as millions of people around the world take bath immersed in their Isht Devata.

5. Board Shiv Ghat. There are a number of ghats where devotees can spend time.

6. I took this pic from the Mahadev Temple of Har ki Pauri.

7. This ropeway takes you to the revered Mansa Devi Mandir. U can go by stairs too. From top of the hill you get a good view of Haridwar.

8. The upper ranges of the Himalayas look like paradise. I photographed shapes of mountains in the form of layers which seems so mystical.

9. From the Haridwar one can go to any of the four char dhams, I chose Badrinath. Visited in September 2019. Took a state transport bus that left from Haridwar at 5am to reach Badrinath at 8 pm. It takes less time if one has a personal vehicle.

10. Gates of Badrinath Temple. Due to harsh weather conditions it is open for only 6 months in a year. The temple is surrounded by the huge Himalayan ranges.

11. Arranging wood, working to earn a livelihood.

12. This is the bridge that connects the village to Badrinath temple. River below is Alakananda which joins Bhagirathi at Devprayag to become the Ganga.

13. Village view, looked awesome because of the snow.

14. Behind the Badrinath mandir is a mountain called `Narr Narayan` that u see. In the winters it is covered with snow and scenic.

15. From Badrinath Temple river Alaknanda travels and fades into another river called Saraswati.

16. Woolen clothes are sold by locals to travelers.

17. This shot is from Mana village. It is the last village in India, border comes after it.

18. This is me. Set up camera on a tripod. Here there is only Mother Nature, few humans and I look so small in front of Himalayan peaks.

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