Folk dance Pithoragarh

By Sanjeev Nayyar | 2012

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In Pithoragarh stopped the car to ask for directions. Met a poet SHOOL. When I expressed interest in local folk dances he took me to meet Shri Hemraj Bisht who runs a academy to train the youth in traditional folk dances. He was nice enough to give me some pics and allowed me to click pics of pics that were hung in their training room. U see pic of Chaliya Utsav 2007. I am eternally grateful to poet SHOOL for taking me there n spending time with me.

U see pic of HILJATRA. During monsoon season before harvest festival is celebrated. Image that you see is of Lakhiya Bhoot - after the festival he comes and give blessing with white and black hair that u see in pic - it is actually cow ka tail.

Challiya Utsav held between Sept and Nov for 3-5 days and once in 3 years. It is not government sponsored so Shri Bisht n others have to collect funds for the festival. U see Pithoragarh Bhaska or faces that are used in the festival. Nepal is only an hour way and there is a influence of that culture as well.

The next six pics are those of the festival given to me by Shri Bisht. When a lady goes to cut grass she dresses like this. Note silver necklace/ looks lovely na. .

Dance shown is Rajula Malosahi. In hand is Hudaka (local form of damru). Prem Gatha ka story is being shown or Love story is being shown.

Hudaka Nritya or dance. By organizing the folk dance festival Shri Bisht is doing his bit to keep local culture alive not easy when television has entered our homes.

Paramprok costume called RANGALI PICHORA ie worn on every occasion but only by married women. Lovely costume so colorful, vibrant.

Local songs or Lok Nitya ka example is what you see. Song name is Chhapeli Dance. To see festival on Youtube Click here

Panchkoti dance in which various Devi and Devta oh ka various swaroop are shown for eg ten hands. First girl in pic is Priyanka Bisht daughter of Shri Hemraj Bisht. In case of any errors in any captions do write in. To see another recording on Youtube Click here

Pic of BAGWAL MELA ie celebrated on Rakshabandhan day. 4 jatis or kham keep on throwing stones. In old times man was sacrificed to Devi from these 4 jatis. To avoid sacrifice of human being Devi said throw stones at each other so that blood of all persons who get hurt is equal to blood of one dead person. Bagwal is 60 kms from Lohaghat.

Festival being celebrated in Nainital, forgot details. Can someone help with captions.

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