Gangotri Yatra

By Vikram A | 2005

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After Yamunotri the next dham is Gangotri. Enroute you come across a number of landslides (due to deforestation). We too were stuck because of one such landslide (we were told there were blasts in the hill above making a road for approach to a hydel power

Another picture of us stuck because of the landslide.

Enroute to Gangotri.

Am not too sure but which mountain ka close up hai. Could be Draupadi ka Danda or Shivling or Keerti Sthamb.

Alakananda river flowing through Badrinath, at Devprayag joins the Bhagirathi to become the Holy Ganga. What you see is the Bhagirathi flowing through a ravine, note how deep the ravine is.

Drive in to Gangotri.

A closer view of the earlier picture.

Ganga Maya ka Mandir (temple). Gangotri is situated at the confluence of the rivers, Kedar Ganga & Bhagirathi Ganga. According to Hindu scriptures, Gangotri is the place on earth where Goddess Ganga descended from the heavens as a reward for King Bhagirat

A side view of the Mandir.

Ghats on the banks of the Bhagirathi where you can have a cold water bath. Believe me, it was cold initially but bathing in the pure waters of the Ganga was a divine experience, so refreshing. Friends we did not do this but if you go to Gangotri keep enou

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