Sadhus in Gangotri

By Umesh Gogna | 2022

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1. At Tapovan Gangotri National Park. One sees number of Sadhus during Char Dham Yatra. See maximum in Gangotri and Kedarnath, atleast when I visited. Bus goes up to Gangotri. From there it is a trek to Gaumukh Glacier and then to Tapovan from where you get wow views. Umesh clicked pics of Sadhus going from Gangotri upwards.

2. Seems like he has Ash over his body. Love this pic.

3. Now days you cross the Holy Ganga like this during the trek. When I (editor) visited in 1989 this was not there. But Ganga Ma river route keeps on changing.

4. Humble abode of a Sadhu in a rock.

5. Somewhere enroute. Sadhu has a very content look.

6. From Gangotri cross the Gaumukh Glacier to experience heaven and see Shivling. It is at a height of 6540 metres.

7. Trek to Gaumukh, think 14 kms, is tough and tiring. Sadhu taking a break, perhaps meditating or chanting.

8. Navigating stones.

9. Crossing a stream. Thanks Umesh for granting permission to esamskriti to share your lovely pics. Captions by Editor.

10. Enroute. To see a lovely album of Gaumukh/Tapovan

11. A Sadhu against backdrop of Bhagirathi Massif. Umesh has announced his Zanskar Masterclass on Travel, Landscape & Astro Photography. 18th Sep 2022 to 30th Sep 2022 - 12 Nights & 13 Days. Check out details on Facebook. Search for Umesh Gogna.

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