Tigers of Corbett

By Rajeev Dass rkd123@gmail.com | 2016

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This is a wow pic. Visited in December 2015.Tigers have always fascinated me.

Tiger has eyes focussed on something, checking it out.

Skin colors so vividly brought out.

Look at tiger''s eyes.

Herd of elephants and their young calves crossing a dried up river.

Herd of elephants with their young calves. A friend watched them from a watch tower and we saw them coming our way.

They ambled along when we saw that they were being joined by a one toothed tuskar. As our jeep moved with the herd the tuskar was deeply agitated and complained to the females in the herd. The moment we came closer the herd closed ranks to protect the young calves and eye balled us. "No further or we attack", was the clear message. We backed off immediately. It was a moment to behold.

Tusker at work.

Calve taking milk from mother.

Ham Doo, Hamare Doo.

Just love this pic.

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