Bishnupur Temples

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Bishnupur is a non descript maffusil town in the District of Bankura in West Bengal. But it has unique specimens of terracotta Temples situated on the outskirts of the town. You see Madan Mohan Mandir built by King Durjaya Singh Deva in 1694. It is  erected on a square plat form with a single tower on a sloping roof. Temple dedicated to Shri Krishna.

You see Nandalal Mandir. It was built in the 17th century, has a single tower on a sloping roof and rests on a square platform.

Radhalalji Mandir. It was built by Malla King II Bir Singh in 1658 for the joy and happiness of Shri Krishna and Radha. The simple structure is built on high platform with a sloping roof and a single Sikhara (tower).

Raasmancha. This curious structure was built by Malla King Bir Hambir in 1600. It rests on a square platform with the roof shaped like a pyramid. During Raas Purnima idols from all other temples are brought here for Raas festival.

Shyama Rai Temple was built by Malla king Raghunath Singh in 1643. It is one of the best specimens of  the Pancharatna Style of of temples. On a Curved roof/chala of Bengal type five towers (shikharas) are bult. The temple doorway and walls are decorated with exquisite terracotta art.

Jor Bangla Mandir - also known as Kesta Rai Temple. It was built by Malla King Raghunath Singh in 1655. On a square platform, two hut shaped structures are joined by a chachala roof in Bengal style with a shikhara (tower). Both the inside and out side of the temple are decorated with exquisite terracotta tiles depicting stories associated with Shri Krishna and from other scriptural sources.

Shri Krishna killing Bakasura.

Shri Krishna killing demon.

Shri Krishna killing serpent. To read about Bishnupur Temples by travel writer Amitabha Gupta Click here

Decorated doorways. ASI has been protecting many of them but not all temples. There is a proposal to declare it as World Heritage site. The incredible sight of such exquisite art work on clay shall take ones breathe away.

Decorated doorways. The area is also known in history as Mall Bhumi because of the rule of Mall dynasty of kings for several centuries. Most of the temples were built in the 17th/18th centuries.

Artwork in temple wall. To know more about Bishnupur written by well known travel writer Rangan Dutta Click here

Artwork in temple wall. It is about 150 miles away from Kolkata and accessible by road and partly by train.

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