Pangong Tso Lake

By Aroona Bhat | 2010

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The beautiful PANGONG LAKE is about 130 Kms long. A large part of it extends into CHINA and is part of the Johnson line which separates China and India. This lake is also considered to be the world`s highest Salt Lake

The trecherous road leading to PANGONG TSO (Tso means lake)

This picture was taken at CHANGLA PASS (which is 17586 ft above Sea Level, & is the world`s 3rd highest motorable road) and the next picture was taken 3 hours later. ENJOY!!!

CHANGLA PASS 3 hours later

NAK ( a female Yak) with her baby.

A Changpa Nomad. A very female dominated clan

The earth here was"sand" The place looked like sand dunes

Wild horses on the way

PANGONG TSO on a rainy day

The crystal clear water of PANGONG TSO

A dried yet beautiful branch of a plant. Reminded us of human lungs held upside down

Opposite the lake was a food tent run by a couple where we had a delicious lunch of eggs, dal, roti`s, noodles, fried rice. Meal for 5 cost us only Rs 300/

The Pagla Naala which you have to cross before sundown.Else you might as well stay on in Pangong Tso

On our way back we saw this GANPATI procession at KARU organized by the army Jawans.Don’t miss the Sardar army jawan carrying Lord Ganesha

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