Raigarh Fort

By Sanjeev Nayyar Sanjeev@esamskriti.com | 2004

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Raigarh was the capital of Shivaji Maharaj. It is a 4-hour drive from Mumbai. It is at a height of app 2900 feet above sea level. The fort was captured by Shivaji in 1656 from ruler of Jawli Yeshwant Rao More but he came to live here in 1670. It is spread over 100 acres, took 14 years to build and its architect was Heroji Indulkar. This picture is from where the ropeway begins

We sat in these boxes and moved up.

It is a steep climb. Here you can see us floating mid-air.

You can also reach the Fort by climbing app 1400 stairs. You start from the far right in this picture and then move up i.e. your left.

After the ropeway we reached the Fort. Here is another small Car that saves you the trouble of climbing up to the Main Fort point.

Ruins of the Minister s Offices. There used to be a two-storied wooden structure on top of this. It was destroyed by the British on 10-5-1818 when Col Parther & Major Hall bombed the fort.

Ruins of the Raj Mahal where Shivaji lived. Here again there was a two-storied wooden structure on top of these ruins.F1:F129

The two structures are called Sath Minar. Originally 5 floors they overlook the Ganga Sagar. There was a tank on top of these minars from which water flowed in the center of the structure in the form of a fountain.

Ganga Sagar. During Shivaji s coronation the Pandit who came from Varanasi is to have brought Ganga water from there after which the pond was named Ganga Sagar. Water is very clean and used to this day.

Nagar Khana or entrance to Raj Darbar.

Raj Darbar point. The Chhabutar was inaguarated by Indian President Zail Singh in 1985.

Shivaji s bust inside the Chhabutar was donated by the Maratha Sewa Sangh.

Market place in the fort consisted of 22 shops on either side, 800 feet long with drainage facilities too.

Entrance to Jagdeshwar Mahadev Mandir.

Mandir view from main entrance.

Shivaji s Samadhi.

Shivaji s Dogs Samadhi. It is said that when he saw his master s dead body being burnt he was so upset that he jumped into the pyre himself.

At the far end is the Takmoktok point. People who committed unpardonable offenses were taken here, tied and given death punishment by being dropped 2280 feet below.

You can come back, eat here and relax. Maharashtra Tourism department has decent cottages if you like to stay overnight.

Shivaji on his Throne.

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