India Surf Festival 2016

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The India Surf Festival was organised from 12-14 November at Ramchandi Beach on Puri-Konarak Marine Drive. This year was the 5th year. ''The festival’s theme this year is ‘Earth positive and carbon negative’. Starting day view.

Surfing pic.

Surfing pic.

Surfing pic.

During the festival.

Surfing pic. It is a newly organised festival so will take time to become popular.

I love this. To know details about Walk on Water Click here

The Puri Konarak beach is lovely to sit by and relax.

Teaching learners.

Love these Yog postures. Difficult to do any way but in the water that much more difficult. To read about art at ISF Click here

Yog postures started about 6.30 am. "Floating Yoga helps to alleviate the heaviness that life sometimes throws on our shoulders."

Yog postures. ''Along with instructors from across the globe, swap your mat for a Yoga board and be supported by the waves of the ocean or calm waters of river beneath.'' To see pics Sand Art Konarak Click here

Yog postures. To see pics of Sun Temple Konarak Click here

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