Rubber Plantations Tripura

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This is about 125 kms from Agartala. We were searching for Mahamuni, a Buddhist monastery. Some villagers directed us here, instead we found these rubber trees. I was very happy since had never seen rubber plantations before.

Around every tree is a coconut cup where rubber liquid collected. It takes 3-5 hours to fill up. Am not a expert on subject so any errors please correct.

Liquid collected from individual trees in a bucket and then taken to a processing unit. This plantation is at the Ramakrishna Mission School Viveknagar near Agartala.

Back to the village - the liquid is put in trays, some chemicals added after which it is put thru the machine that you see on your left. What comes out are small white rubber sheets that you see hanging at end of pic.

They are then kept for drying. Did not know that rubber is grown in such a big way in Tripura. Has huge employment potential and would help in reduce imports too.

The RKM School has a training school for local boys who want to learn the rubber making process.

A view of rubber plantation at RKM School Viveknagar. The school keeps the processed pieces of rubber, as you saw, and then sells them to local traders. Monies received help in meeting expenses of rubber training school and school running expenses.

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