Tripura Sundari Temple

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Tripura Sundari Mandir, Udaipur ie app 55 kms from Agartala. Its construction style and design are unique. It is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas. ''The top of the temple is covered by 4 slanting roofs or Chaar chaalas that hold a circular block at the centre. There rests a conical or stupa like neck on the block and numerous small alcoves or Kulangi serially surrounding its base render it the look of a blooming lotus. The neck beholds the Aanilok, a conical or a myrobalan shaped structure.". To know lots more Click here

Temple stands on a tortoise shell shaped hillock. Please read board for more info.

Entrance to the temple - loved it. Tripura has lovely roads and lovelier people. Saw women feel very safe during my travels by auto. Tripura is the undiscovered jewel of the North-East.

Another side view. "The apical portion of the temple is considered to be that of a modified form of the typical Buddhist stupas. A chaala-temple or a temple with slant roofs is a typical example of Bengal architecture of the medieval period. Such a modified form of construction of a Buddhist-stupa on a tetrad roof or Chaar chaala is an unique phenomenon and seen nowhere in India.While such a pattern on four chaalas had evolved due to blending of Hindu and Buddhist style of construction, there are certain accessory structures on the temple unseen in either Hindu or Buddhist architecture."

Reached at 7 am. Devotees offering their prayers. To know more from Tripura Tourism site Click here

A close up of Tripura Sundari. Every year on Diwali a Mela (fair) takes place that attracts about 2 lakh devotees.

Early morning view of KALYAN SAGAR ie on the eastern side of mandir where tortoises and fishes found and are fed with MURI (puffed rice) and biscuits. This sagar dates back to the period of Maharaja Kalyan Manikya (1625-1660 AD). It was dug up atleast 124 years after the temple was founded.

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