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Josephine McLeod, a long time follower of Swami Vivekananda, once asked him, "Swamiji, how can I best help you?" his answer was, "Love India". eSamskriti is for those who love India. is a not-for-profit venture started in 2001.

Our aim is to be the most comprehensive knowledge bank of Indian Culture, Spirituality and Travel on the web.

How is eSamskriti contributing to the nation?

1. We offer people a unique digital platform to learn about and experience India

2. We enable tourists to discover India through fresh eyes

3. We educate children and other groups about this nation and its culture

4. We seek to bring about an integration of the North East and other parts to the mainstream of the whole country through increased awareness

5. We would like to showcase and support the Indian Armed Forces and their efforts

6. Most important, we see ourselves, in our humble way, as contributing to building

& showcasing India's soft power.

If you have been consuming eSamskriti content might realize the effort that has gone into creating and sustaining it.


We seek your prayers, blessings and guidance on how to do better 

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