Churches Of Arunachal Pradesh

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I did Arunachal Yatra in September 2013. Started with Deomali in the East, Tezu, Roing, Dibrugarh, Along, Ziro, Itanagar, Bombdila and then Tawang. Did this journey by car so got a first hand view of the State. In Deomali there is a Church at one corner of the town, actually near a Shiv Mandir. Had originally not planned to click pics of churches but seeing their number changed my mind. A few kms before Roing off the main road was this board.

It is actually just a small hut. Roing has a large number of Churches including in interior areas.

Inside the Church. Was there on Sunday, reached after Sunday mass was over. To see pics of VKV Roing Click here

About 45 minutes drive from Roing is this tribal home where the family had converted to Christianity. Except for the cross their homes are like other Arunachalis. Pic of Jesus in their home. To see pics of Mayudia hill station i.e. about 2 hours drive from Roing click here

This Church in the hills of Aalo is about 30 minutes drive from town. ''The primary aim of UPA India''s ministry is to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with those who never before heard His name''. To visit Church website Click here

Ramakrishna Mission School at Aalo ka prayer hall mein students pray to all that you see in the picture including Jesus. Number of Christians in Aalo and Xtan schools. To see pics of RKM Aalo Click here

From Along to Dapurojio this church was on the road in the midst of nowhere, forest area. Link to Zion Baptist Church site Click here

Arunachalis mostly follow the Donyi Polo religion which involves worship of the sun and the moon. Followers have this flag flying over their homes. Somewhere in between Dapurojio and Ziro.

Maximum presence was of Christian Revival Church. ''CRC Vision is Building one church in many locations, Mission To establish Christian morals and values amongst others ''.To know more Click here

Christian girls selling vegetables in Dapurojio. Reasons for conversion are many. One is lure of money. Two is lack of adequate medical facilities. A convert told me that as per local tradition when a ghost goes in a person body and when local priest unable to remove it, then Christian prayer removes it. It is the starting point to conversion. However, converts upset with the Church demands for donations/contributions on an ongoing basis.

The Missionaries are very very active in Ziro. Locals told me that about 25% of the population is Christian. Conversion activity has increased over the last ten years. U see a small hut i.e. a centre of Christian Revival Church. To see another site of Christian Revival Church Australia Click here

A few kms from Ziro is Hapoli where you see this church. To visit site of Arunachal Baptist Church Council Click here

The Church was celebrating golden jubilee (has a school there too). The path leading to the function had boards like these. List of Christian denominations in North East India Click here

Another board ''Come to me, I will refresh you''. Have you ever seen a similar board in a Hindu function? Conversions done by Padris from Mizoram, Nagaland, locals. Did see a number of Nuns from Kerala in Roing

A guest addressing the audience - there were atleast 200 people.

A cross section of the audience. To see pictures of Ziro Valley Click here

Ziro is inhabited by Apatani tribe. Visited their colony. Locals use a Lapang platform for various social functions. However, as this board shows the platform cannot be used by those who convert. Hence board reads platform not to be used for Carols etc.

We were searching for road to Shiva Linga at Ziro when saw this board. To see pics of Shiva Linga Click here

Joram Baptist Church is somewhere between Ziro and Itanagar, again in the midst of nowhere.

Another sign board. In such cases looked for the Church but not visible. May be they are lower down or inside a colony.

At Yachuli is St Don Bosco School. Opposite school entrance is this Church. It is a big school. Has hostel too.

Slightly ahead was another church.

Another church enroute to Itanagar. Tribes who convert to Christianity get double benefit - one as Christians and two as Tribes. This has caused lots of resentment amongst those who do not convert. Have to fill up a FORM for being declared as a Scheduled Tribe. Earlier form had a column for Religion. Some 2 years ago, religion ka place removed.

Another church enroute to Itanagar. I fail to understand why Christian origanizations from the world over pour billions of dollars into India every year in the name of social service. Are there not enough poor and needy people in the West for whom the same money can be used.

This one is at Bhalukpong i.e. some 40 kms from Tezpur and enroute to Bomdila/Tawang. Read What happened to Rs 94,000 crs recd by NGO''s in 17 years Click here

Enroute to Bomdila. A April 2011 India Today report on Independent Churches all over India Click here

This one is in Itanagar, the capital of Arunachal Pradesh. Saw many churches there, in fact a church was being made on top of a hill opposite the Vivekanand Kendra School which I visited. To see pics of Drive to Tawang Click here

This Christian Revival Church noticed from the Monastery at Bomdila. To see pics of Tawang War Memorial Click here

In Bomdila Church was at a lower level with board on main road. To see pics of Children of Arunachal Pradesh Click here

Another church board in Bomdila. To see pics of Jaswant Garh War Memorial photos Click here

Another church board in Bomdila. A media report on this church Click here

This Church in Tawang is pretty close to the Tawang Monastery. To see pics of Tawang Monastery Click here

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