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Throughout Arunachal Pradesh Yatra made it a point to visit various craft centres. Team at Vivekanand Kendra Vocational Training Centre, Wakro. Man in centre is friend and guide P G Dodum fondly called Pie without whose guidance the yatra would never have been possible. All thru the yatra visited craft centres, mostly Government run.

Lady making lower garment is called GALE. U can take a trek to Glow Lake (dense forest and rich flora,fauna). Ladies at the Centre were not fully sure but said takes about a day to trek up, stay overnight in tents and trek back the next day.

At this training centre 14 girls are given vocational training for 9 months. The uneducated ones are taught to study, then they go their villages and run Balvadis. There is enough place for the girls to stay. Food and training is provided free by the Centre.

Wakro is very famous for oranges-u see tree. We drove in from RKM Deomali thru Namsai and Chowkham. By itself Wakro is very nice, at foothills something very nice about it. Next stop was Parasuram Kund ie 16 kms away. To see pics Click here

Next stop was Tezu. Unfortunately the craft centre was closed on the day of our visit. Tezu to Roing and then Along craft centre. It was Vishwakarma Pooja on the day of our visit person who had the keys had gone to attend puja. One of the ladies made special efforts to get the keys and show us around. They use shuttle looms, semi-automatic Tara loom and Jakkard loom where design punching is done.

Overview of the looms in a big room. Also make small carpets and wooden products.

In Sales showroom you see me. Green shirt ie male upper garment is called GALUK. Knife in hand is called OYOK. Wearing traditional hat.

Beautifully painted table. Problem in Along is that there are too many liquor shops because of which students taken to drinking at a young age. Every where in Along market saw liquor shops - State Government wants revenue but at what cost?

Small carpet pieces lovely.

Lower garment for women is called GALE. Because it has this design it is called Kotak Gale - also called Sarong like they do in Thailand. It also contains acrylic that gives it strength and makes it cheaper too. To see pictures of Ramakrishna Mission School Along (also has ladies in local dress) Click here

This lower garment is worn during Mopin Festival. What men wear during festival is called Mopin Galuk. What women wear is called Jesso Kore Gale i.e. what you see. Ladies at the centre Teresa Padu and her colleague worked hard to make it easier for me to click pics at the centre.

U see what is used by men who went into forest. Centre is head gear called BOLUP, right is to cover back-has a very thick protective layer called LARA and extreme left is pouch called HOKAP.

The State Museum in Itanagar displays images of every tribe like the one you see. This is Monpa tribe who live in Bomdilla and Tawang, followers of Buddhism. To see pictures of Tawang Monastery Click here

Next stop was craft centre at Daporjio i.e. about 3-4 hours drive from Along. Subansiri river flows there, ideal for river rafting and angling. U see a senior teaching a student how to make ladies lower garment called Gale.

Male shirt called Galup. Design is different from what we saw in Along ref pic no 7. Visit the Menga Cave Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva 20 kms away. We missed it.

Worn what you saw in pic no 12. It is heavy, warm and protects your back from injury. At the Vivekananda Kendra School was glad to know that the school had broadband and it worked.

Craft centre shop at Ziro was unimpressive, both in terms of what was offered-the way it was laid out and sales persons. U see ladies lower garment Gale. Every place has different designs. Local tribe is Apatanis. Ziro is a plateau at a height of over 5,000 feet very beautiful. Missionaries are very active here. To see pics of Shiva Lingam Ziro Click here

Pic of Idu Mishmi tribe in State Museum Itanagar. Lady making Gale. Locals told me that every girl knew how to make Gale, one of the pre-requisites to find a husband. Do not recall why and how I missed the craft centre at Itanagar. Being state capital the showroom would be bigger. Anyway next time.

From Itanagar we went to Bomdila via Bhalukpong. U see me at Bomdila Craft Centre - very impressive. Am wearing what men locally wear is called ALIPUDUNG. Bomdila is a biggish town, walk around to get a feel of the place. To see pics of monastery at Bomdilla and Drive to Tawang Click here

Painting at the Bomdila Craft Centre. Locals are Monpa tribe who are followers of Buddhism.

Lady making hand-woven craft while another is making Sweaters with a machine.

Local lady making a Gale, lady lower garment.

At the Tawang Craft Centre. Big and well organised shop. U see hand woven carpets. I bought locally made purses and cane ka hangars.

Lady weaving ladies ka lower garment called Gale.

U see me in showroom, Buddhist paintings on both sides of the wall. Am wearing a cap i.e. made out of Yak wool, very warm. It is worn by ladies.

Centre has a large number of looms. Found everyone to be very sincere and focused on their work. To see pics of Children of Arunachal Pradesh Click here

Pic of Adi Padam tribe at State Museum Itanagar. Lady is making Gale. Acrylic is replacing hand weaves, customary motifs are losing importance - an exhibition on the textiles of North Eastern India focuses on the threatened traditions Click here

Making Gale at the Vivekananda Kendra centre in Coporojiyo i.e. close to Daporjio. They also run a Balwadi in the same premises. Am not an expert on the subject but thru pictures tried my best to show you the textiles and other products made by the people of Arunachal Pradesh. In case of any errors or if you wish to add to this collection do write in.

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