JaswantGarh War Memorial

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I had read about the bravery of Veer Jaswant Singh and consider myself blessed to visit his memorial. U see entrance to memorial. This collection has pics of 3 war memorials i.e. Nyukmadong, Jaswantgarh and Sub Joginder Singh. The first memorial is situated some 12 kms from Sela Pass.

We left Bomdila at about 5.15 am. U see sky when we left. Most people stay at Bombdila enroute to Tawang. Suggest stay at Dirang instead. It is not as cold, has more hotels, better places to eat and u are about 1.5 hrs closer to Tawang. Bombdila mein see the famous Monastery and move on. We reached Bombdila at 11 am, spent the whole day there. In hindsight we could have reached Tawang the same day even if post sun-set.

This is the the Nyukmadong War Memorial. It is dedicated to All who made the Supreme Sacrifice in the Battle of Nyukmadong on 18th November 1962.

An overview of the War Memorial. Very well maintained.

This tells you about the Battle of Nyukmadong.

Drive enroute to Jaswantgarh War Memorial. I went in Sept and found it very cold. The 1962 India China War was fought in November - u can imagine the temperature then and how difficult it was to fight - that too over 50 years ago.

Inside Jaswantgarh War Memorial. This is about the Battle of Nuranang fought on 17/11/1962. Jaswant Singh and others belonged to Fourth Battalion - The Garwhal Rifles. 4th Garwhal beat back two of the enemy attacks to their location.

Jaswant: A Tribute by Maj General Dhruv C Katoch. Most Indians believe the Chinese were invincible during 1962 war. Nobody believed we had killed so many Chinese at Rezang La. Read what two soldiers Ramchandra Yadav and Nihal Singh who survived the War had to say. Click here

In Loving Memory of Jaswant Singh. He was awarded the Mahavir Chakra (posthumous). I was stirred with a spirit of patrioticism as I paid respects at this Memorial. May His tribe increase - India needs more like Veer Jaswant Singh.

A few kms away from Bhalukpong is Tipi - a floral glass house where 500 species of Orchids can be seen. Somewhere there, saw this. Can someone help with name.

The Battle of Nuranang is described in two pics, this and the next one. Do read.

Pic 2 on The Battle of Nuranang. The courage of these men changed the course of this battle, our weapons came alive again, we conclusively beat back the fourth Chinese attack by 11.40 am. The fifth Chinese attack came at 2.45 pm, was beaten back. The Chinese withdrew leaving over fellow soldiers 300 dead. Garwhal Rifles losses were 2 dead and 8 wounded. The myth of Chinese invincibility had been exposed. Do read.

Opposite the Memorial is Jaswant Café where u get lovely hot tea and samosas. Right of pic is a Army shop that sells track suits, T shirts etc. I bought one with Jaswantgarh Memorial on it. Mountains in background give u an idea of the terrain.

Gallantry Awards - The Battle of Nuranang.

U see me at the Memorial. Visit memories are part of my inner Self forever. Veer Jaswant Singh and team actions shall always inspire me.

U see Sub Joginder Singh PVC Memorial. On 23/10/1962 the Chinese opened a heavy attack on the Bumla axis with the intent to break through in Tawang. Chinese came in 3 waves of about 200 each. Subedarji n team mowed down the first wave, second wave too but lost half of their men. They could not withstand the third attack and attained martyrdom.

Inside the Memorial is image of Sub Joginder Singh. To see pics of Tawang War Memorial Click Here

This tells you about The Battle of IB Ridge. To read about Indo Chinese War of 1962 - link has a precis of a book by D R Mankekar titled The Guilty Men of 1962. Click here

This pic is of terrain close to Sub Joginder Singh Memorial. It gives you an idea of the terrain in which the Army defends our borders. To see pics of the Raniket War Memorial in Kumaon, Uttaranchal. Click Here

U see me with soldiers at the Bumla Border. This collection of pictures is a tribute to every member of the Armed Forces, past present and future. This visit was at the fag end of my Arunachal Pradesh Yatra. State is very beautiful, must visit and people lovely. To see pics of Children of Arunachal Pradesh Click Here

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