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Reached Roing at about 11 am driving in from Tezu. Walked around VKV Roing and the market after which left for Mayudia, a hill resort at about 8,000 feet. From Roing you drive through a river bed (has water in rains) and then enter forest area. First stop was Sally Lake i.e. about 3 kms ahead. Very green as you see in pic. Do walk around the lake - lovely.

Lake is quite small but very beautiful surroundings. U see reflections of cloud in water. There is a Tourist Lodge now deserted, not a soul there. Sally Lake forms part of the Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary. Watch beautiful fish in the clear waters of the lake although must say I did not.

Road is one way through deep forests, area gets foggy and clear in no time, hills lost amongst fog. Beautiful drive. Pic gives you an idea. At various points are there are Iron Gates on road. Driver said gates are meant to prevent Mithun i.e. local animal from crossing areas - you see vehicle stopped at one such gate.

A typical road. Mayudia is 56 kms from Roing with a spectacular view of the snow capped mountains. The ascending drive from Roing to Mayudia along the winding twelve-necked point (BaroGolai) of the road provides a sense of adventure.

We left Roing at about 1.45 in the afternoon. It takes about 2 hours to reach Mayudia. A view of the sky enroute. Did this trip in September 2013. The Mishmis (Idu) are the biggest tribe in this area i.e. Roing-Mayudia and Anini, the other tribe being Adi. Spent about 1 hour at Mayudia Pass, had chai to return by about 7 pm.

Different type of flora and fauna enroute. U see a commonly seen flower - can someone help with description. Roing Mayudia form part of the Lower Dibang Valley District with headquarters at Roing and forms part of Eastern Arunachal. The district is named after Dibang, one of the important tributaries of Brahmaputra.

Not too many homes enroute - typically houses made of tin. Did not see any ones made of hay like in other parts. Perhaps because it rains heavily and snows here. As we came close to Mayudia saw a few hotels and quite a few foreigners with movie cameras shooting insects, birds.

At the highest point i.e. Mayudia PASS, 8800 feet, is a small army tent. Next to it is this temple. Note the TATA SKY dish antennae. It keeps the jawans connected with what is happening in the country. All over Arunachal it is TATA SKY that rules the skies.

Get a spectacular view from this point. Clouds, fog and mountains all around. Since it is a PASS very windy and cold even in September. Mayudia attracts a large number of tourists during snow fall. Could never fathom that just 2 hours drive away from Roing was such a beautiful place. If had known would have kept a full day for Mayudia. Best time to visit is between Nov to March.

Left is driver Chandan Barua and a local boy who accompanied us. Since they are locals could survive the cold but I had my jacket out. Mayudia/Anini has snow-capped peaks, turbulent rivers, mystic valleys, waterfalls and lots of flaura and fona.

Another breathtaking view.

From the PASS u see road going downhill. A few kms away is where the restaurants and hotels are. Another 4-5 hours drive ahead of Mayudia is Anini, the northern most district capital in northeast India. Recently there were Chinese incursions into India in Anini sector.

Another wow view. To see pics of VKV Roing school Click Here

Driving thru Tea Gardens in Tinsukia at about 5 pm saw lots of women returning from the gardens after plucking tea. With great difficulty these 3 agreed to be clicked. Locally called Adivasis - actually their ancestors came from Jharkhand/Bihar some time in the late 19th century - brought by the British to tea gardens. They have stayed here ever since.

A view on the return from Mayudia to Roing. To see pics of Tawang War Memorial Click Here

Another wow view on return to Roing. To see pics of Children of Arunachal Pradesh Click Here

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