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We left Daporjio at about 5.30 am to reach Ziro by 11.30 ish. Wonderful drive through hills, forests and fog. After having lunch at VKV Ziro headed for Shiva Lingam. Ziro to Hapoli is a 15-20 minute drive from where there is a side road to the Shivling. U see Shiva Ligam. It is 25 feet in height and 22 feet in circumference and unearthed in the recent past.

After driving about a km from the main road we stopped at a point where a gate is being made. Asked those standing at gate how far the temple was - they said close by. As we walked and walked saw this lovely green patch. The patch where forest is cleared disturbed me.

Soon the tar road ended and we walked up a kuccha road. Saw wood being cut and stacked up as you see. All thru the Yatra asked locals whether it was always so hot in Sept. They said deforestation and global warming resulted in it being so humid and sultry.

Happy to see this group of locals returning from the Shivalinga. Asked them how far - said very close by. Fortunately it was. Close to Shivalinga are Sadhu''s living quarters. The Sadhu that we met has come from Kashi - Benaras.

There is a huge open area in which the Shiva Lingam stands and is surrounded by forests on all sides. A vertical view of the shivalinga with my driver Chandan Barua in front. He drove over 3,000 kms over 18 days. Not once did he say am tired or the road is too bad cannot drive. He played a key role in making the Yatra a success.

This pic is taken from the top of the Shiva Lingam - this is ground in front and from where we entered.

A side view of the Shiva Lingam. To see pictures of Children of Arunachal Pradesh Click Here

On our return was feeling thirsty. Somewhere saw this pipe with water flowing from the hills so stopped by. Place is very green. To see pics of Tawang War Memorial Click Here

On reaching the main road we saw these two ladies who were returning from the Church. They belong to the Apatani tribe. Women are well known for facial tattoos and nose plugs. This was done to make the women less attractive so that women were not poached upon by other tribes – a cause of inter tribe fights. Was told such fights took place till the 1970’s/ early 1980’s. Girls of today sport no such tattoos because inter tribe fights are a thing of the past. Therefore, today you find only older women with nose plugs

Over view of Ziro town from a hillock in old Ziro called Ziro Putu. It is the best place to get a overview of the town. Ziro is a plateau i.e. situated at a height of about 1500 metres. Very beautiful place, must visit. In Sept was chilly during evenings and pleasant during day. Ziro is famous for paddy-cum-pisciculture. Terrace paddy fields present a unique system of poly-culture and water management. It is about a 6 hours drive from Itanagar.

I was so happy to visit the Shiva Lingam. As a Saivite by evolution felt more connected with the Lingam. I thanked driver Chandan Barua and friend/guide P G Dodum for getting me there. Of all the places never thought would find a Shiva Lingam in Arunachal Pradesh. Consider myself blessed. To see pictures of 12 Jyotirlingas Click Here

Visited many tribal homes in Ziro. U see me with a Apatani couple. Lady sports a tatoo and nose plug as described earlier. Every lady I saw had beads ka strings round their neck. The man long hair reminded me of a Sardar. They grow long hair, collect it in front and then pass a knitting needle through it. The lady wanted me to give her money for drinks since had clicked her pic. After all it is only ladies of her age who sport tattoos, the younger ones do not so in demand with tourists.

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