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Reached Roing at about 11 am driving in from Tezu. Drove straight to Vivekanand Kendra school whose playground you see. Roing is at the foothills of the Himalayas. A new road is being made from Tezu to Roing. Once completed the distance will be covered in about 2 hours. We tried that route but since the river had water (Sept 2013) the Sumo could not cross. Wait for the bridge to be made.

VKV Roing has about 750 students of which app 145 live in the hostel i.e. from classes 3-10th. Roing is a big town with lots of people so providing hostel facilities not as necessary.

VKV Roing was set up in 1977. The school has classes from 1-12th and is co-education. Inspite of being a largish town still felt it is a small town since come from Mumbai. In 1977 it must have been much smaller. School has a huge and lush green campus as you see.

Early morning sky. School is affiliated to C.B.S.E. Per current route one drives through Assam to reach school. In Sept Roing was very humid. Locals said that this is a result of global warming and deforestation.

Students of third class chant the Gayatri Mantra before proceeding to the Prayer Hall or Prarthana Sabha. U see them chanting with their hostel block behind.

Children then proceed to the Hall where they have Yoga classes as you can see.

Next is Prarthana. Found that all VKV schools to have a fixed time for Yoga, prarthana - importantly the timings are being followed to the T.

After morning class there is a brief study time followed by breakfast in the same hall. U see students having breakfast. Food is simple and nutritious. Children wash their own plates.

2 hours from Roing is Mayudia. It is a great drive through dense forests, must do. A view of hills from Mayudia Pass - height of 8,800 feet. Keep one day to enjoy trip. To see pics of Mayudia Click Here

I attended the school assembly that starts at 8.30 am and left by 10.30 am for Dibrugarh. U see students gathered for Assembly. Since it was Monday teachers were in uniform i.e. cream colored saris for ladies and white shirt/blue pant for men.

A close up of girls praying. Roing attracts non Arunachali students as well due to its proximity with Assam and children of Government servants posted there. We drove for about 2 hours from Roing to reach the Brahmaputra from where you take a boat across the river. After that we drove another 2 hours to reach Dibrugarh.

Loved the small children in Arunachal. Very very sweet. The school has a computer room but frequent power cuts (power comes from Assam) creates problems. Govt ferries take you across the Brahmaputra for Rs 500/ whilst private ones for Rs 1,500/. Key is to know time of government ferry. We reached at about 12, was very hot. The river is very very broad. A boat before us got stuck in the sand as it took a route where the water level is less so the ferry has its dose of excitement.

An overview of the boys. App 30% of the children come from close by villages and not very well off financially. Do not remember why and how I did not click pictures of the ferry ride. May be the heat and humidity at that point got to me.

When the Principal got to know am a Chartered Accountant insisted I have a chat with students of 10th class. Found students to be bright and comparable with those elsewhere in India. Principal Smt Rita Raj has been teaching the children of Arunachal Pradesh for 30 years. Hats off to her. May Ishwar bless her with good health and long life.

Students in Chemistry Laboratory - teacher is from Maharashtra. To see pics of Tawang War Memorial Click Here

Every class that I peeped into saw students studying seriously with strong desire to learn. VKV Roing has a lovely location and school ground - am sure in the winters the place would be even more exciting. To see pics of Children of Arunachal Pradesh Click Here

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