Mahadev & Bhadreswar Jain Temples Mundra

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1. A short distance from Mundra Port is Mahadev Mandir. The ancient Shiva mandir was known as Chokhanda Mahadev, situated on the sea-shore. Original temple was destroyed during the 2001 earthquake. Something special about place, felt like sitting there for hours. Opposite this temple in the village a big well believed to be built by the Pandavas years ago. Missed that.

2. Kera Temple built in the 10th century. Damaged during 1819 earthquake. It was the seat of Kapilmuni & was known as Kapilgram. This album has Shiv Temple Kera, Bhadreswar Jain Mandir and a Step-well close to Jain temple.

3. It is 22 kms from Bhuj. Was there by 9 ish. Attracts large number of devotees to this day. Front side badly damaged. Something special about the temple.

4. Angular view shows lower portion still intact.

5 Sculpture in centre with mini temples above, some of which have survived. Must have seen some temple before the earthquake.

6 Side panel.

7 Next to Bhadreshwar Jain Temple ie 32 kms from Mundra. Reached about 12.30 ish. Had lunch, then clicked pics. Nice wholesome meal. Impressive exterior, not allowed to click pics inside. It is a popular place of pilgrimage for the Jains.

8. Front view. It is also called Vasai Jain Temple. The remains of the ancient Bhadrawati Nagari are found here. ‘The main temple in all white marble with majestic pillars. Around the central one are 52 smaller shrines, one of which holds the Parshavanath murthi from 500 BC. Non-Jains cannot spend the night the temple complex.”

9. External structure is all stone. Murthi I think is of Saraswati. If wrong please correct.

10. Kalpvraksh tree. Inside it are marble statues, may be of Bhagwan Mahavir. If wrong please correct.

11. Side view. Inside each mini temple is a murthi.

12. Front view.

13. Close up of temple base.

14. About five minutes away in the midst of nowhere is an old step-well ie in ruins. View from top – it extends straight. It is called DUDA VAV with a lintel of about 17 feet long.

15. Well – has atleast three storeys. There are two wells are end of the step-well – this is one of them. Close to the well are found pillars and part of the dome of an ancient Shiv and Jain temples. Missed that.

16. Side view that gives you an idea of the height. Few come here. Visited Mundra Port. Is bustling. Locals before the port came up it was barren land, no one came there.

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