Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

By Dr Salil Choksi | 2016

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According to Sir Peter Scott, Keoladeo Sanctuary is the world’s best bird area; and a favourite amongst ornithologists. ''Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary is called Keoladeo Ghana National Park. It is a reserve that offers protection to faunal species as well''. U see me trying to spot birds.

Keoladeo, the name derives from an ancient Hindu temple, devoted to Lord Shiva, which stands at the centre of the park. ''Ghana'' means dense, referring to the thick forest, which used to cover the area.''Early morning view.

Nesting indigenous water-birds as well as migratory water birds and waterside birds, this sanctuary is also inhabited by Sambar, Chital, Nilgai and Boar. This is the perhaps the only case where the habitat has been created by a Maharaja. In earlier times, Bharatpur town used to be flooded regularly every monsoon. In 1760, an earthen dam (Ajan Dam) was constructed, to save the town, from this annual vagary of nature. The depression created by extraction of soil for the dam was cleared and this became the Bharatpur Lake.''

Keoladeo Ghana National Park is a man-made and man-managed wetland. It is India’s most famous avifauna sanctuary that plays host to thousands of birds especially during the winter season.Creation of the dam is an example of how enlightened the Maharaja was.

At the beginning of this century, this lake was developed, and was divided into several portions. A system of small dams, dykes, sluice gates, etc., was created to control water level in different directions. The area was declared a national park on 10 March 1982, and accepted as a World Heritage Site in December 1985.''. To know more Click here

Early morning view.

You see Common Coot. ''Bharatpur is located on the fringes of the Thar Desert. This marshy land has very warm climate. Summers are invariably hot and winters are not very cold. The temperature ranges from a maximum of 48°C in summers (May and June) to around 5°C in winters (December to February)''

You see Spotbill Duck. Delhi and Jaipur are the nearest airports. U can reach by road from Delhi 176kms, Jaipur 180kms, Agra 60kms. Railway station is 6 kms away from Park.

You see Brahminy ducks. In Bharatpur see Government Museum, Lohagarh Fort ruins and Deeg Palace ie 32 kms away from Bharatpur, friends say very good but we did not have time.

You see White breasted Waterhen. Please reach the gate half an hour in advance to complete entry formalities.

You see Glossy Ibis landing, amidst a flock of Glossy Ibis and Lesser Whistling teals. Nilgai keeping watch in the background.

You see Oriental Darter (Snakebird).

You see Rufous Treepie with Bank Mynas. To see pics of Ranthambore Wildlife Sanctuary Click here

You see Sambar deer. To see pics of Bird Watching Eagle Nest by Dr Choksi Click here

You see Purple Heron. To see pics of Turtuk by Dr Choksi Click here

You see Black Necked Stork. To see pics of Drive from Srinagar to Leh by Dr Choksi Click here

You see Indian Roller. To see pics of Aerial View from Leh flight by Dr Choksi Click here

You see Yellow footed Green Pigeon. To see lovely pics of more birds at sanctuary Click here

You see Spotted Deer (with velvet on antlers). To see video of Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary Click here

The UNESCO convention for listing includes Keoladeo Ghana National Park as a World Heritage Site, since the park is a “Habitat of rare and endangered species, and a wetland of international importance for migratory waterfowl. It is the wintering ground for the rare Siberian crane and habitat for large numbers of resident nesting birds.”

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