Bundi Paintings

By Sanjeev Nayyar Sanjeev@esamskriti.com | 2009

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Painting in Badal Mahal. Paintings have Mughal influence. All colors are natural, vegetable and stone colors. In centre yu see Maharas where Lord Krishna is dancing with Gopis.

Chinese style painting. In those times painters came from various parts of the country, China and painted here. It is a speciality of Bundi that u find Chinese figures in paintings

Chinese style painting. Colors used are different from normal Bundi style. Hire a Guide who can explain the paintings to you.

Elephant walking up the ramp, seems to be part of some contest or fair.

Decorative elephant in Badal Mahal. Very good glass and marble work here. The paintings in the centre is what you see in the next two pictures.

Shows British soldiers although this panel was probably started much earlier. It indicates that the type of painting kept on changing from time to time. Quite a huge panel.

A close up of the earlier painting shows the army.

Shows old Indian games.

Shows another old Indian game. Planning for war was also like planning a game, who has to be positioned where.

Picture taken from Chatra Mahal of Anirduddha Mahal.

Paintings of Chatra Mahal. Court scene with Bundi Maharaja with others. This palace is famous for finest minitiature murals. There is extensive use of Red, gold, blue colors with glass and ivory work esp on the gates.

Picture of Radha Krishna.

Entrance to Chitrashala. You see in front in small kund. The Queen & friends sat around the small kund - water body. Clicked around 8.30am. U see reflection of sun''s rays on building.

Overview of Bundi town from Chitrashala. Very hazy in morning. Best time to click is 4-5pm.

Board outside Chitrashala. Built by Rao Umed Singh and Rao Vishnu Singh between 1749-1821.

Lord Shiva sitting on Nandi with Parvati and son Ganesh. Opposite is Mother Goddess Annapurna sitting on a elephant giving grain to Lord Shiva in the form of Bhiksha which the Lord accepts. This is a very famous painting.

This is Maharas shows Lord Krishna with the Gopis. You see a Lord Krishna with Gopi in the center and in the outer circle. The Lord is shown in blue color.

You see Lord Krishna lifting Govardhan parvat (mountain).

Gopis had gone for bath in the Yamuna river when Lord Krishna took their clothes, hung them on the tree and climbed on tree himself. Gopis request the Lord to give them their clothes while the Lord asks for a promise from the Gopis to cover your body while bathing.

Decorative chat (roof) of the inner rooms in Chitrashala. In the centre is the Sun God where work done in gold. Bundi rulers were Chauhan Rajputs (Hada) and Suryavanshi. Clicked this by lying on the ground.

Another view of the same roof. Click Chitrashala pics around 8am when sun light is facing the building. Evening sun opposite side so little light.

You see the Army with weapons with foot soldiers and those on horse.

You see the Bundi Army with the King in the center. These paintings are a reflection of the people of those times, their clothes, culture and arms.

Miniature painting, see carefully. A warrior alights from a camel and woos the woman with flowers.

Raja (king) Durbar scene where two kings are in discussion. Background is of Bundi palace.

A meeting of the King in progress, seems more like someone has come with a complaint.

A woman has bath and is receiving clothes from her maid. In the interim she is nude and keenly watched with eyes wide open by another man.

This is a scene at night indicated by the clouds where a warrior is shown crossing the Chambal river to meet his beloved.

Goddess Saraswati sitting on hans (big duck). The hans loves pearls. You see the hans taking pearls from a string. The Goddess loved peacocks that you see in the picture.

Elephants are giving shower bath to Goddess Lakshmi. The goddess is sitting on a lotus flower in a pond. Elephants below take water and fill into a ghada(pot). Elephants above take water from the pot and shower the Goddess. The elephants have wings.

Depiction from Ramayana. On left in blue is Lord Ram with brothers and Guru Vashsisth. On right is Ravana as shown by 20 hands and a donkey on the head (donkey is a symbol of ignorance)

Painting of real life happening in Bundi palace. These paintings are a must see.

A view of ceiling of main corridor in Chitrashala. Small rooms in corridor have great paintings.These super narrations are because of Kuki Guide.

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