Mount Abu

By Sanjeev Nayyar | 2008

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Mount Abu is best known for Nakki Lake and Dilwara temples. The lake is believed to be dug out by the gods with their nails (nakh). An overview of the lake. It is a great place to boat and simply walk around. We stayed at the Rajasthan Tourism guest house. Rs 450/ per day for a double room, very clean, breakfast included. Could not get cheaper than that

There is a restaurant in the lake i.e. in the shape of a boat. You see Aparna and me in the boat, food is not very good so better to have tea, eat outside.

Close to the lake is Toad’s Rock. Wonder how nature made a rock of this shape that has stayed this way for years. Also see Sunset Point.

About a 6kms drive from the market is the base point for Gau Mukh. From the base point you have to run downhill for atleast 30 minutes, quite steep to reach this point Gau Mukh (next to the man is cow ka mouth from where water comes). If you still walk down further you come to the point where Rishi Vashishta organized a Yagna. It has his ashram which has icons of Vishnu, Surya devta and Lakshmi. The climb back is really tough. Better to do in morning. You see picture of Gau Mukh

You see Guru Shikhar, about 15kms drive from the market, great drive. It is the highest peak in the Aravalis at 1772 metres, offers a panoramic view. It is a 10 to 15 minute climb, very doeable.

Enroute the climb is a Shiv temple and one dedicated to Dattatreya whose icon you see in this picture, is part of a cave.

Top of the hill is this huge bell. In the background is government owned science center.

Nandi vehicle of Lord Shiva outside a Shiv temple in Mount Abu.

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