Prachina Museum Bikaner

By Sanjeev Nayyar | 2013

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"PRACHINA Bikaner Cultural Center and Museum was established by Siddhi Kumari daughter of Late Maharaja Narendra Singhji of Bikaner in 2000 at the beginning of 21st century with a vision to preserve Bikaner''s rich cultural diversity and to showcase monolithic identity of Bikaner in form of a Museum." U see typical dress of ghagra, kurti and odhana.

Museum is part of the Junagarh Fort complex in Bikaner. This pic has all information about the women dress in the state, is self-explanatory. This pic collection also has pics of Sri Sadul Museum i.e. part of the Lallgarh Palace.

"PRACHINA, displays royal costumes and textiles, family portraits of the former rulers". Very well laid out museum and well maintained. It opens at 9am while fort opens at 10am. Suggest you visit the museum first. Collection of turbans, kanchli and odhanas.

This is full costume, Kanchali, Kurti, Lehenga and Odhna (dupatta). These are the literal words for this costume. Kanchali wore under kurti. Very comfortable costume designed keeping in mind the temperature of Rajasthan "Fabric used for these costumes is pure chiffon. A very thin n almost transparent cloth line designed keeping garden lining as its base so that chiffon fabric should get base and have long life. Embroidery used is real gold and silver threading with beads and stones. "

This is a ghaghra or skirt. Love the colors. If you want to click pictures go at 9am, you will not get reflection of sunlight on costumes. We went around 1pm and had to face this problem. Captions in preceeding pic and a few others are courtesy Priya a friend from Jodhpur. Many thanks to her.

This is typical dress worn during the Gangaur Festival. To know all about Gangaur Festival Click here

Traditional royal costume wore by Maharanies of time in Rajasthan. Full costume is known as "Poshak". This is just the upper part of the costume in pic, the upper one is called "kanchali" and the below one is known as kurti. The Embroidered work done on them is using real gold and silver thread. This is traditonal attire of Rajasthani ladies.

Loved this costume, kurti looks very royal.

Another lovely costume, what work!

A sword made of sandalwood. Place is certainly worth a visit esp. if you are interested in costumes. Missed clicking huge carpets and a horse carriage.

On the 1st floor of the museum kept old furniture like you see in this pic. It is post British rule say post 1900. Whole place is spotlessly clean, very good effort.

Board in Sri Sadul Museum. It is in the Lallgarh Palace complex. It was set up in 1976 by Dr Karni Singh in memory of his father Maharaja Sadul Singhji. It depicts social and cultural heritage of Bikaner state and the lives n times of Maharajas, Rajputs. Loved it.

Coach of Bikaner State Railway. The metre gauge railway coach that you see was purchased by the Bikaner State Railway in 1946 and used by the Maharaja. The Maharaja could use this coach anywhere in India where meter gauge existed. This practice existed till 1972.

Board that gives you full history of railway coach.

This museum also has costumes on display.

Another costume on display. All through Marwar Yatra loved the colorful clothes worn by the ladies of Marwar. When I compare it to a chudidhar or western wear they suffer in comparison.

Not sure what costume is but it seems to be the royal sign of the Maharaja. For eg Jodhpur Maharaja has sign with 2 eagles. In centre is image of Surya Devata or Sun God. Those Rajas or Kings who were born in Suryavanshi families have this Surya sign. To see pictures of Junagarh Fort Bikaner Click here

Costume. Some captions taken from this site, u can also see more pictures of Prachina Museum here Click here

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