Ranthambore Sanctuary

By Ritul Mehta | 2004

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Welcome to Ranthambore. What you see in the background are the walls of the Ranthambore Fort and Padam talab (lake) in front. Go to Sawai Madhopur on the Mumbai Delhi rail route, is where you stay while you visit the sanctuary.

What you see is the Rajbag, another lake with some ruins towards the right of the picture. This lake is famous for tigers that specialized in killing their prey while feeding in the lake. (The lakes of Ranthambore are famous for tigers that specialized in

Another view of Padam Talab from the top of the Ranthambore Fort. What you see at the bottom of the picture is the famous Jogi Mahal.

Ruins on the top of the Ranthambore Fort.

Tiger sitting in the shade to keep cool.

Another picture of a tiger enjoying solitude

This picture & the next show the Mating process of the Red Wattled Lapwings. The male bird is approaching the female for a proposal to mate.

Having agreed, Mating is in progress

Sambar (type of deer).

Langoor (monkey) with her babby.

Chinkara, one of the four species of Antelope found in India.

Tree Pie. Note the Eye.

King Vulture scavenging on some leftovers.

Sunset in Ranthambore

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