Tigers of Ranthambore

By Rajeev Dass rkd123@gmail.com | 2004

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As close to the TIGER as you can get. What must be going on in the tiger ka mind at this point. Observe and enjoy the pic for a while.

Tiger sees a few deers - the next few pics are about how the tiger captures its prey.

In the air - ready to make the sprint.

Deer caught.

Licking his tongue - enjoyed a great meal.

Awesome pic of peacock.

Tiger in a thoughtful mood, hiding behind a tree guess to see what is happening at a distance.

Majestic Tiger.

Tiger in thoughtful mood.

In a relaxed mood - U turn look.

Tiger in action. The park is about 130 kms from Jaipur. It is spread over 392 sq kms.

Wonder what the tiger is trying here.

Tiger runs into the water - birds fly away.

Enjoying the water all over him. To see pics of Ranthambore Wild Life Sanctuary Click here

Loved this shot. To see pics of Bandhavgarh National Park Click here

Peacock weathers - can only admire God ka creation. To see pics of Tigers of Kanha National Park Click here

Another great close up pic. To see pics of Tadoba National Park Click here

Raring to go, aggressive tiger. Captions by sanjeev nayyar. To know all about the Ranthambore National Park Click here

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