Shivaji Temple Chennai

By Sanjeev Nayyar | 2016

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A friend had told me about a temple in Chennai that was visited by Shivaji Maharaj. When I visited Chennai in January 2016 the first thing that I did was to visit the Sri Kalikambal Mandir that Shivaji visited in 1677. Temple is 10 minutes walk from Parry Corner. U see overview of temple. To read all about the temple Click here

Wall of inner shrine has this embedded there. With train and car today Pune to Chennai is still a distance. Shivaji Maharaj visited here in 1677, nearly 350 years ago to worship Kali. "Sanctum faces the west while the entrance is from the east. It is devoted to the Shaivite Gods - (Kamateshvarar) Shiva and his consort Kamakshi (Kalikambal) in her benign avatar."

Gopuram at entrance of temple. We reached at about 12.25 pm. During January the temple closes at 12 noon if I remember correctly. Pleaded with the Pandit who allowed us to pray inside the holy sanctum. It was the first temple visited in Tamil Nadu Temple Yatra so was keen to get blessings of Mata, Shiva and Shivaji Maharaj.

In open area image of Kamakshi. Read Shivaji and the Rebirth of a Nation Click here

Pic of Shivaji Maharaj with details of his visit. True to tradition, there is a newly built mosque in the next lane. In so many places in India Muslims make mosques close to important Hindu places of worship. Wonder why? See pics of Raigarh Fort Click here

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