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Welcome to Siam Niramit show in Bangkok, the amazing show that I have ever seen. It takes you on a `Journey Back to History` of Thailand. Very well choreographed, super sound effects and fast paced. A must see. At the entrance a Thai girl dressed in traditional costume greets u with a Namaste. You see me at the entrance. They give u a laminated framed picture ie clicked at entrance for 200 Baht.

You walk into a huge ground. The first thing I saw was couples posing for pictures with those dressed in Thai costumes. Behind them is a water body with some sculptures. The show is organized at the Thailand Cultural Centre. Entry fee is 1500 Baht. Dinner is optional 325 Baht. Note dinner is before show not after. There is a bus pick up from the MRT. If you book ticket through a travel agent could get it for 1300 Baht, ie what I was offerred by one. This includes hotel pick up.

This is water body that I referred to. The show starts at 8pm and is for 80 minutes. Reach by 6ish, walk around the Thai village etc and then enjoy local dance in the ground area that you see behind the water body.

As you enter the ground the elephants are on your left. An elephant ride cost 100 Baht per head. The show is divided into four scenes. The Ancient kingdom of Lanna, Trade from Overseas, Heritage of the Khmer Civilization, The Mighty capital Ayutthaya. Starting this picture narration provides information about the show.

Musicians play lovely Thai music. The show has three Acts. Act 1 is Journey Back into History (Travel back into ancient civilizations and be stunned by the diverse cultures that form the basis of a distinctive Thai way of life. Act 2 is Journey Beyond Imagination - The Three Realms ie the 3 words of Hell, Heaven and Mystical Himapaan Forest. Act 3 is Journey through Joyous Festivals. Second last picture depicts Heaven.

A small pond outside the traditional Thai house. We went for a five minute boat ride in this. The purpose of this Cultural Park is to give you a feel of traditional and early period Thai life.

A Thai girl makes rice pudding and serves it hot. The show takes place in a huge auditorium that can seat 2000 people.

Now starts the dances. This is dance one. In the 3 Realms scene part three `Ascent to Daow-wa-dueng, the second level of heaven, where INDRA, the greatest deity of all presides`. The light that you see on right of picture is that of an elephant, decorated light in the shape of an elephant.

Dance two, again see the movements.

Dance three.

Dance four, very nicely done.

A close up view.

Very graceful.

Dance five.

Same dance.

This picture showcases the costume worn in dance four. The backside of the boy shows it is tied like a Dhoti with the dancing pants below up to knee length. Taken utmost care in writing narrations. In case of any errors apologies, please mail me.

Next two picture is part of the Siam Niramit show. Photography is not permitted. These pics are courtesy the company that organises the show. You see `Blissfull Heaven`.

The North - the ancient kingdom of Lanna.

''Scene from show''

''Scene from show''

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