• By Jnana Prabodhini
  • April 2010

The Completion Prayer 

Priest : Now we will offer the completion prayer.

Priest, bride and bridegroom :

O god in the form of the Yajna. We offer you all our consents and words. We humbly bow at your feet. If we have offered something less to you. Or something superfluous to you, forgive us for that. Give us faith, knowledge, intelligence, strength, wealth, health and a long life.

Blessing the couple by sprinkling holy water

Priest : Dear friends, let us sprinkle the holy water from Yajna on the newly-weeded couple and bless them.

With the inspiration of the god Savita, with the arms of the twin gods Ashwinikumar, with the glory of fire-god Agni, with the glow of sun god, and with the vitality of god Indra, we offer this Abhisheka to you. May strength, wealth, success and glory come to you. May this shower, the shower of ambrosia-bring you peace, love and prosperity.

Completion of the Ceremony

Priest : Let us complete this marriage ceremony.
 (Bride’s father sits near the altar, and mother sits on his right side. Bride’s father takes a spoonful of water in his left hand and lets it pass from the palm of the right hand.)

Priest and the bride’s father :
May the almighty God be pleased by the marriage ceremony of my daughter.

Priest, bride and bridegroom :

May the almighty God be pleased by our marriage ceremony. (The couple takes a spoonful of water in the left hand and after rectifying the statement above, let it pass from the palm of the right hand.)

Singing marriage hymns and removing the Antarpat On the auspicious moment

The bridegroom stands on a wooden seat with a garland in his hands. Two senior persons/priest hold the Antarpat – a shawl. The bride, after worshipping Gauri and Hara (Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva) is brought by her maternal uncle to the marriage place. She wears a yellow sari, if possible, and has a garland in her hands. She stands facing the groom. The shawl is between them keeping them away from each other’s sight. The following hymns are sung by the priest and/or relations. Rice grains mixed with slight kumkum (Akshata) are distributed to all attending the marriage. Every time the priest says they sprinkle Akshatas on the bride and bridegroom.

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