TOP 10 Luxury Wedding Venues in Delhi NCR by FNP Gardens (Ferns N Petals)

  • By Ritesh Jain
  • December 11 2019

The most vital part of your wedding venue happens to be personal satisfaction that it provides to you and your family. There can’t be anything more satisfying than getting in your preferred venue and knowing that you have managed to discover the most memorable and beautiful spot to get married. However, before you select one wedding venue, you must check out all the possibilities as selecting the second-best isn’t desirable for you on this special day. Some notable wedding venues of Delhi and NCR by FNP Gardens are:

1. Shagun Farms - This wedding venue has been one of the highly preferred venues by Fern N Petals Gardens, and it is also viewed as the largest farm in South Delhi. This venue acts as a hub for merriment and hospitality. The good thing about this wedding venue is you can access it from Mandi Road as well as Chattarpur Road, and it is an ideal place for engagements, theme parties, weddings, and of course, reception. People also opt for this venue for corporate events too. The lawn of this place is adorned by various recognized wedding designers who propose an exclusive setting every time.

2. Pavilion - Do you wish to make your celebrations more special? If yes, then you have made a correct decision by choosing Pavilion as your venue. This venue proposes every luxury amenity, and so, it has turned into one of the finest venues in South Delhi. The remarkable thing about this place is it is particularly designed for all types of pre-wedding and post-wedding functions, and users can get three types of spaces here, namely Foyer, Courtyard, and The Palace that you can use for multiple purposes. This wedding venue has an astonishing lawn setting, and it gets decked up as per the needs of the clients.

3. Chhatarpur Central - The beauty of Chattarpur Central lies in the fact that it comprises a couple of lush green laws. Lawn 1 happens to be joined to a hall, and it can get customized per the clients’ needs. Lawn 2 has got a secure décor set-up, and it is readymade, and this is the reason; it turns into a botheration-free option for clients. This wedding venue boasts of soothing ambiance besides stylish sophistication, and it is an appropriate venue for a splendid wedding. It has been particularly designed for catering to traditional weddings, and it is closer to Saket.

4. Udman Boutique Resort - This boutique resort has been particularly designed for hosting residential weddings because it has four types of spaces and that too under one roof! Udman boasts of having one luxurious banquet, a poolside lawn, a terrace garden, and a banquet lawn that you can use for different types of celebrations that include pre-wedding, wedding, post-wedding celebrations, and anniversaries. This venue is capable of hosting nearly 3300 guests simultaneously, and it is an ideal choice due to its versatility. People find it appropriate for various ceremonies, like baby shower, opulent gatherings, corporate events, anniversary parties, etc.

5. The Kundan - This wedding venue is ideal for all kinds of festivities, like birthday party, wedding, or reception. It has a huge parking area besides first-class amenities, such as air-conditioned banquet, valet parking, etc. This venue has a couple of spaces to host events, like an open lawn and a closed banquet. The closed banquet possesses a spectacular fixed setup and has been decorated up with fabulous floral installations and stunning elements. Additionally, it has a gorgeous ceiling that gets decorated with exquisite chandeliers, which never fail to attract the guests’ attention.


6. Vilasa - Vilasa is one of the lavish and luxurious venues where you can decide to get married. This splendid wedding venue holds the reputation of hosting many unforgettable and spectacular weddings, and so, if you have been hunting for a unique venue, then it has to be your appropriate choice. The alluring factor of this venue is its spectacular ceiling, which has got an umbrella-like structure that hangs downwards. Additionally, it also possesses a candlelit wall, which acts as a backdrop for taking superb photographs of the couple besides the guests. Vilasa is also well-known for being one of the Mahipalpur’s best wedding venues because of its modern amenities.



7. Opulent Hotel - This hotel happens to be the newest addition to the family of Ferns N Petals Gardens. This is one of the most beautiful and spending destination wedding venues. Opulent Hotel has a sophisticated setting that is lapped by the extravagant natural greenery, and it has an exclusive meeting of the city plus extravagance. This venue has been split into three parts and a couple of banquet halls besides a lawn. It has centrally air-conditioned and spacious rooms that overlook the stylishly landscaped gardens.


8. The Ritz - This wedding venue is located in Gurgaon and is popular as one of the premium wedding venues, which are just ideal for signature weddings. People who choose this place for their ceremonies do not find words to explain its beauty and grandeur. The uniqueness of this venue is every corner exudes luxury, and this entire space has been decorated with stunning compounds. People pinch themselves when they enter this venue as it takes them to a faraway place, which has been ideally designed for hosting their extravagant celebrations.


9. The Riviera - It is acknowledged as one of the premium wedding venues in Gurgaon for splendid weddings. Its banquet hall proposes a huge array of facilities for crafting a personalized wedding. The Riviera offers lavish spaces, and every detail displays utter luxury. The entire venue has been designed for turning into a royal and extravagant setup, which can be decorated with wonderful installations. It takes pride in its luxurious compounds, and so, it does not come as a surprise that this venue has been identified as one of the highly popular banquet halls. The Riviera.

10. The Riviera House by FNP - This venue can make your occasions special as it is spread across an area of 25,000 sq. ft. It encompasses a hall beside a huge parking area that is capable of accommodating nearly 2000 cars! This venue boasts of having every modern amenity and world-class service. Hence, it comes as the people’s first choice for just any kind of celebration, like weddings, fashion shows, or corporate events. The highlight of this venue happens to be the spectacular décor, which turns it into a quirky setting right for your celebrations.

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