• By Jnana Prabodhini
  • April 2010

Entering the house  

The bride and the groom enter the house with the right foot first, followed by the left foot.

Priest and groom :

I enter this blessed home happily with my wife. This home gives long life to its brave sons, is always crowded with loving people, rich with wealth. This house produces sons of great valor. I will stay in this house with my wife enjoying the best things in life.

My dear wife, in this family, you will live blissfully with your children. As a housewife, be alert about your duties. Even in old age, we would admire this house of ours in the company of our friends.

Worship of goddess Lakshmi

Priest : The bridegroom is going to rename his wife.

(To groom-) Please take a spoonful of water with your left hand and pour it on your right palm (Achaman). Do the pranayam (deep breathing) and meditate upon God for a minute.

Priest and the groom :

On this auspicious day I rename my newly wedded wife.

(In a metal dish, a dishful of rice grains is kept. The groom writes with his ring the name of the family deity and the new name of the bride on the grains.)

I sing the glory of Lord Ganapati. If one remembers his lotus feet, all the adversities fade away as the darkness fades away with the rise of the sun.

The family deities and other revered deities, we bow before you.

May all know my wife’s name as ………………..

Priest and the groom : O Seniors and elders! With my wife, I bow before you.

Priest and the relations :

The bride named…………… may enjoy long married life and desired children.

Priest and the groom :

May the new name…………of my wife be known to all.

Priest and the relations :

The new name…………..will be known to all.

Priest and the groom :

By this rite may God the almighty be pleased.

The bride and bridegroom make Achamanas and complete the rite.

Om. Obeisance to Keshava.
Om. Obeisance to Narayana.
Om. Obeisance to Madhava.
Om. Obeisance to Govind.

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