• By Jnana Prabodhini
  • April 2010

Proposal of Marriage 

Priest : I welcome you all to this marriage ceremony. Let us commence it with the worship of Shri Ganesh who brings success to all endeavors.

Priest and the Participants :

O god with the curved trunk, with the huge body, shining like millions of suns, make all my undertakings always obstacles.

Om. Gam. I bow to Ganapati. We think of the one-toothed one, we meditate on the one with a curved trunk. May the tusked one, therefore, inspire us.
Priest : ( To the bride, bridegroom and their parents) Please wear the Pavitrakas (rings of metal or grass) in your third finger. Take a spoonful of water from the glass holding the spoon in the left hand, pour it on the plant of your right hand and sip it.
This is Achamana. With every Achamana, say with me :

Priest and the Participants :

Om. Obeisance to Keshava.
Om. Obeisance to Narayana.
Om. Obeisance to Madhava.
Om. Obeisance to Govind.

Priest : Do Pranayama (deep breathing) and meditate upon God and seek his blessings (Let the water pass from the right palm) (Udaka).

Now let us make the marriage proposal.

Priest and after him, the bride, bridegroom, and their parents :

On this earth, in the ….. Continent /… /…...village, today, in the year….. in the month of …..on…, under the…..constellation of stars,

Bridegroom :

I, through this marriage enter the second phase of my life, i.e. householder’s life, in order to attain Dharma – righteous life, Artha – material resources, and Kama – fulfillment of natural desires.

Priests and relations :

Let the ceremony be accomplished.

Priest, the bride and bridegroom :

I pray Shri Ganesh and the family deity, and seek their blessings. I also request the senior relations to bless us on this occasion so that our married life would bring prosperity to us.
Priest, bride and bridegroom :

Priest : O Shri Ganesh, the god of gods, the learned among the learners of incomparable fame and glory, and the protector of our inspired mantras. We entreat you to come and reside in our home.

Priest, bride and bridegroom :

Priest : O Shri Ganesh, let this wedding ceremony be free of all obstacles.

Priest, bride and bridegroom :

Priest : O family deities, we bow before you again and again. Kindly bless this auspicious occasion.

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