BG-Ch16 Daivaasura Sampad Vibhhaaga Yogah-Yoga of Division betn The Divine & the Demoniacal Traits

idamadya mayaa labdhamimam praapsye manoratham
    idamasteedamapi me bhavishyati punardhanam // 16.13  //

This  has been gained by me today; this desire I shall obtain; this is mine and this  wealth shall also be mine in future.

asau mayaa hatah shatrur hanishye chaaparaanapi
    eeshwarohamaham bhogee siddhoham balavaan sukhee //  16.14 //

That  enemy has been slain by me and others also I shall slay. I am the Lord; I  enjoy; I am perfect, powerful and happy.

aadhyobhijanavaanasmi konyosti sadrisho mayaa
    yakshye daasyaami modishya ityajnaanavimohitaah // 16.15  //

I  am rich and born in a noble family. Who else is equal to me? I will sacrifice.  I will give charity. I will rejoice - thus deluded by ignorance.

anekachittavibhraantaah mohajaalasamaavritaah
    prasaktaah kaamabhogeshu patanti narake’shuchau // 16.16  //

Bewildered  by many a fancy, entangled in the meshes of delusion, addicted to the gratification  of lust, they fall into a foul hell.

Such  persons live in constant consciousness of what has been acquired and always exert  to acquire more and more wealth of the world. As desires are insatiable, they  remain in perpetual disappointment and thirst for unlimited possessions.

They  always raise the cry of success claiming themselves to be the lord and victor  of all their enemies. They boast themselves to be perfect, powerful, healthy,  wealthy and happy.

They  look down upon the world with conceit, vanity and contempt and entertain the  hope of rejoicing in the world. Sri Krishna says that these people are deluded  by their ignorance.

In  short, such people fall into hell because of a) their fanciful egocentric ideas  b) their judgment and discrimination getting eclipsed by delusion and false  values and c) their addiction to sense gratification.

aatmasambhaavitaah stabdhaa dhanamaanamadaanvitaah
    yajante naamayajnaiste dambhenaavidhipoorvakam // 16.17  //

Self-conceited,  stubborn, filled with the pride and intoxication of wealth, they perform  sacrifices in name, out of ostentation, contrary to scriptural ordinances.

ahankaaram balam darpam kaamam krodham cha samshritaah
    mam aatmaparadeheshu pradwishanto’bhyasooyakaah // 16.18  //

Given  over to egoism, power, and pride and also to lust and anger, these malicious  people hate Me in their own bodies and those of others.

taanaham dwishatah krooraan samsaareshu  naraadhamaan
    kshipaamyajastram ashubhaan aasureeshweva yonishu  // 16.19 //

These  cruel haters, the worst among men in the world - I hurl these evil doers for  ever into the wombs of demons only.

Sri  Krishna describes the characteristics of the demoniac people. He states that  the spirit of selfless effort in the service of mankind is the greatest Yagna i.e.  work is to be considered as worship. The Demoniac people because of their very  personality are incapable of selfless service and whatever they do as sacrifice  is merely an act influenced by their sensuality, arrogance and false values of life.  As a result of this sorrow only ensues. Such men continue to fall lower and  lower each day. They are full of egoism, brute strength, arrogance, passion and  anger. A person of this kind of attitude would ignore the sanctity of life,  become malignant and because of egoism would hate The Lord Himself or the  Paramatman in his own body and those of the others. They will hate to seek the  Self.

These  people are called as the worst among the men in the world. They are malicious  against the dignity of themselves and cruel to the people around. Hence Sri  Krishna assuming the role of the Law of Action and Reaction orders such people  again and again to be born in the Asuric environments till such time as they realize  their follies.

aasureem yonimaapannaa moodhaa janmani janmani
    maamapraapyaiva kaunteya tato yaantyadhamaam gatim  // 16.20 //

Entering  into demoniacal wombs and deluded in birth after birth, not attaining Me, they  thus fall, O Kaunteya, into a condition still lower than that.

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