Bhagavad Gita- Chap 10 (Part-1) Vibhooti Yogah- Yoga of the Divine Manifestations

maharshayah sapta poorve chatwaaro manavastathaa
    madbhaavaa maanasaa jaataa yeshaam loka  imaah prajaah //10. 6 //

The  seven great sages and also the four ancient Manus, possessed of powers like Me  (on account of their minds being fixed on Me), were born of (My) mind ;  from them are these creatures in the world  originated and sustained.

According  to the theory of creation found in Puranas Brahman in association with maya projected  the universe. The first manifestation of Brhman in space and time is called  Hiranyagarbha or prana or sutratma which pervades the universe as  a thread runs through a garland. The process of creation further down the line  is as under:

These  seven rishis were the original teachers of spiritual wisdom and the four  Manus were the original rulers of the world. The present inhabitants of the  world according the Puranas have descended from these primeval personages.

etaam vibhootim yogam cha mama yo vetti  tattwatah
    so'vikampena yogena yujyate naatra  samshayah // 10.7 //

He  who knows in truth this glory and power of Mine acquires unshakable devotion;  of this there is no doubt.

One  who knows the immanent pervading power of The Lord and the diverse  manifestations caused thereby gets united with Him in firm and unalterable Yoga  and attains eternal Bliss and harmony (unshakable yoga). The Yogi realizes that  the Lord and his manifestations are one. He is aware of his oneness with Him.  The knowledge of the determinate Brahman (manifestations) is the way to the  knowledge of the indeterminate (unmanifest Absolute) Brahman.


aham sarvasya prabhavo mattah sarvam  pravartate
    iti matwaa bhajante maam budhaa  bhaavasamanvitaah  // 10.8 //

I  am the origin of all, from Me everything evolves, understanding thus, the wise  worship Me with all their heart.

The  technique by which we can get ourselves established permanently in the  continuous experience of the Supreme is explained here by Sri Krishna who now  speaks as The Lord, Ishwara. God is the material and efficient cause of the  world. The seeker is not deluded by passing forms but knowing that the Supreme  is the source of all the forms, he worships the Supreme with all his heart.

matchittaa madgatapraanaa bodhayantah  parasparam
    kathayantashcha maam nityam tushyanti  cha ramanti cha // 10.9 //

With  their thoughts fixed on Me, with their life absorbed in Me, enlightening one  another about Me, and always speaking about Me, they derive satisfaction and  delight.

The  characteristics of a devotee who has attained the realization of oneness with  the divine are described in this verse.

With  their minds wholly in Me (Matchittah): Once a person's intellect is convinced  that the essence behind the God principle (Ishwara) and the individual ego  (Jiva) is one and the same, any agitating feelings in the mind and disturbing  thoughts in the intellect will not upset him and he will constantly be aware of  the Conscious principle or the Self behind them all.

With  their senses absorbed in Me (Mat-gata-praanaah): Here Prana indicates the five  sense organs. The implication is not to run away from the sense objects but to  have discrimination through which one can regulate and train his thoughts so  that in any situation in life he will always be reminded of the Eternal  Consciousness without which any sense object could not have been illumined for  the mind to experience it.

Discussing  with one another: Mutual discussion about Brahma Vidya enables crystallization  of ideas and attaining deeper insight into the amount of knowledge gained.

A  true seeker is the one who remembers constantly the Consciousness principle.  They ultimately lead him to be free from external circumstances and inner  dissatisfactions. He experiences a sense of contentment and delight which  provide an ideal backdrop for the spiritual progress.

teshaam satatayuktaanaam bhajataam  preetipoorvakam
    dadaami buddhiyogam tam yena  maamupayaanti te  // 10.10 //

To  them, ever devoted to Me, worship Me with love, I give the Yoga `Buddhi' by  which they come to Me.

The  devotees who have dedicated themselves to The Lord, who are ever harmonious and  self-abiding, who are ever devout and who adore Him with intense love and with  no selfish motives obtain the divine grace. The Lord gives them ‘buddhiyoga' or the Yoga of understanding by which they gain the wisdom which sees the One  in all the forms which constantly change and pass.

teshaam evaanukampaartham aham  ajnaanajam tamah
    naashyaamyaatmabhaavastho jnaanadeepena  bhaaswataa  // 10.11 //

Solely  out of compassion for them, I, dwelling within their hearts, destroy the  darkness born of ignorance by the shining lamp of knowledge.

The  purpose of imparting the Buddhi Yoga is given here.

Darkness  born of ignorance - The veil which prevents one from recognizing the Self which  is already within him due to the absence of the knowledge of Right  Discrimination. Even in darkness the Self is abiding in us but It is only not  available for subjective experience by the seeker due to ignorance.

Destroy  by the shining lamp of knowledge - Seekers who established themselves in the  constant awareness of the Supreme, with the aid of Buddhi Yoga, experience  their real identity with the Self. This act of Self-revelation is performed by  The Lord (The Self) who always abides in the hearts of the devotees out of the  spirit of compassion.

The  Lord makes out how Bhakti or devotion leads to the destruction of ignorance and  the rise of illumination. When ignorance is destroyed God stands revealed in  the human spirit. When love and wisdom arise, the eternal is fulfilled in the  individual. Bhakti is also a means to Jnana. Through it we obtain Divine Grace  and the power of understanding, buddhiyoga. Intellectual knowledge is rendered  luminous and certain by the direct intuition of the Buddhi.

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