Bhagavad Gita- Chap 18(Part-3) Moksha Sannyaasa Yogah- Yoga of Liberation by Renunciation

A Few Words  of Gratitude and Prayer

By the grace of Bhagavan Sri Krishna, during the  past one year, through a series of 38 parts we have studied with reverence,  understanding and appreciation, the Divine Song Srimad Bhagavad Gita in its  entirety all of which together communicate the very essence of knowledge, the  Knowledge by knowing which everything else becomes known.

The seeds for this undertaking were sown by Shri  Dwai, Shri Partha of and Shri Sanjeev Nayyar of Manasi of Dimakh Consultants has painstakingly uploaded all  the articles in just the way I would like it to be.

During the course of the sprouting and growing of  the project, it has been effectively nurtured by the enlightened comments and  appreciative response from a wide spectrum of the dedicated readers spread  across the Globe. But for these strong foundations I am sure I would not have  been able to see this humble effort reach its logical culmination. I bow myself  with all humility before all these great souls who have made this endeavor  possible.

In a work of this type there is bound to be some  errors of omission and commission for which I am solely responsible and for  which I seek pardon of the informed readers. If despite such shortcomings, the  work has been found helpful the entire credit should go to Sage Veda Vyasa, the  author of the Gita and Adi Sankaracharya who brought it out of the dark corners  of the Mahabharata. 

If the Bhagvad Gita can be called Madhura Gitam (Sweet Song), then its singer is Madhura Murthy (Sweetness Personified).  Hence let us pray to that Lord of Sweetness through the popular poem Madhurashtakam by Shri Vallabhacharya and draw the curtains down.

Madhurashtakam, written in melodious  lyrical Sanskrit, is easy to understand and rhythmic to recite. Ashtakam means  a poem with eight stanzas. Madhurasthakam uses just one adjective, "madhuram", meaning sweet or  beautiful etc., to describe the lovely attributes of Bhagavan Sri Krishna who is  depicted as the master of Sweetness and Sweetness personified as also the Lord  of Mathura (meaning both as a city and sweetness).

The  Poem Madhurasthakam

adharam  madhuram vadanam madhuram
    nayanam  madhuram hasitam madhuram
    hrdayam  madhuram gamanam madhuram
    madhuradi-pater  akhilam madhuram

“His lips are sweet, His face is sweet. His eyes  are sweet, His smile is sweet.  His heart  is sweet, His walk is sweet. Everything is sweet about the Lord of sweetness.”  (1)

vacanam  madhuram caritam madhuram
    vasanam  madhuram valitam madhuram
    calitam  madhuram bhramitam madhuram
    madhuradi-pater  akhilam madhuram

“His words are sweet, His character is sweet. His  garments are sweet, His navel is sweet. His movement is sweet, His wanderings  are sweet. Everything is sweet about the Lord of sweetness.” (2)

venur madhuro  renur madhurah
    panir-madhurah  padau madhurau
    nrtyam  madhuram sakhyam madhuram
    madhuradi-pater  akhilam madhuram
  “His flute is sweet, His dust is sweet. His hands  are sweet, His feet are sweet.  His  dancing is sweet, His friendship is sweet. Everything is sweet about the Lord  of sweetness.” (3)

gitam  madhuram pitam madhuram
    bhuktam  madhuram suptam madhuram
    rupam  madhuram tilakam madhuram
    madhuradi-pater  akhilam madhuram

“His singing is sweet, His yellow dress is sweet.  His eating is sweet, His sleeping is sweet. His form is sweet, His tilaka is  sweet. Everything is sweet about the Lord of sweetness.” (4)

karanam  madhuram taranam madhuram
    haranam  madhuram ramanam madhuram
    vamitam  madhuram samitam madhuram
    madhuradi-pater  akhilam madhuram

“His activities are sweet, His liberation is sweet.  His thieving is sweet, His loving sports are sweet. His offerings are sweet,  His peacefulness is sweet.  Everything is  sweet about the Lord of sweetness.” (5)

gunja madhura  mala madhura
    yamuna  madhura vici madhura
    salilam  madhuram kamalam madhuram
    madhuradi-pater  akhilam madhuram

“His gunja-mala is sweet; His flower-garland is  sweet. Is Yamuna is sweet, His ripples are sweet. His water is sweet, His  lotuses are sweet. Everything is sweet about the Lord of sweetness.” (6)

gopi madhura  lila madhura
    yuktam  madhuram bhuktam madhuram
    hrstam  madhuram sistam madhuram
    madhuradi-pater  akhilam madhuram

“His Gopis are sweet, His pastimes are sweet. His  meeting is sweet, His food is sweet. His happiness is sweet, His etiquette is  sweet. Everything is sweet about the Lord of sweetness.” (7)

gopa madhura  gavo madhura
    sastir  madhura srstir madhura
    dalitam  madhuram phalitam madhuram
    madhuradi-pater  akhilam madhuram

“His cowherd boys are sweet, His cows are sweet.  His herding-stick is sweet, His creation is sweet. His trampling is sweet; His  fruitfulness is sweet. Everything is sweet about the Lord of sweetness.” (8)

Harih Om Tat Sat
    Sarve janaa sukhino bhavanthu

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