Bhagavad Gita- Chapter 7 (Part-1) Jnaana Vijnaana Yogah- Yoga of Knowledge and Wisdom

Concepts and Issues
The  Lord says that He is of two kinds of nature viz. Lower nature (Apara Prakriti)  and Higher Nature (Para Prakriti). The lower nature is divided eightfold. They  are 2.water 4.air 6.mind 7.intellect and 8.egoism. The  higher nature is the fundamental factor, the substratum the very life-principle  with which the entire universe is sustained- The Atman, The Self,  Consciousness.
The  lower nature is Matter and the higher is Spirit. The Universe has manifested from  these two kinds of nature only.  The Lord  says that in His higher nature He is the sole cause and ultimate support of the  entire creation. The universe is His manifestation and is pervaded by Him. He  is the essence that is running through everything, holding them together into  this world pattern, as a string keeps the pearls together in a necklace.

To  make this idea very clear to Arjuna, The Lord gives several examples like He is  the light in the Sun and the Moon, sacred symbol of `OM'  in the scriptures, manliness in man, life-breath in all living creatures etc.  He declares that He is present in all things in the universe, visible and  invisible, and is the root cause for the entire creation. He is the all  Sustaining and ever Surviving Substratum of everything.

The  Lord embraces Matter only to express Himself, His glory, His strength and His  greatness. All the beings - pure, active and inert - are only His creations. He  guides them and they don't guide Him. He does not take refuge in them but they  take refuge in Him. The naked eye sees the Spirit encased in the matter but  once the vision improves through knowledge, it sees and apprehends that the  Spirit envelops everything. Matter depends on the Spirit. But the Spirit does  not depend upon the Matter.

In  all beings the three Gunas - Sattva (pure attitude), Rajas (active attitude)  and Tamas (inert attitude) are found in varying degrees.  The blending of these three qualities of  nature in the thought mechanism of man constitutes ignorance or Avidya due to  which the whole world gets deluded. Because of this total ignorance or Maya the  world fails to recognize His presence - the Eternal, the Imperishable, the  Spirit as distinct from the gross Matter.

The  ignorant believe that the world and the visible objects alone are real and do  not seek The Lord at all. They follow the ways of demons and suffer through the  series of births and deaths. It is very difficult to remove ignorance and get  enlightened. But inspite of this difficulty those who take refuge in Him can  overcome the predicament.

Live  as the Gita Teaches You to Live

The  following concepts have to be clearly understood. 
•Three Gunas 
•The Lord permeates every thing in the universe. 
•Means to go beyond the Gunas 
•How to realize the self?

Points  to Ponder 
•What are the eightfold divisions of Prakriti? 
•Describe the higher and lower nature of The Lord. 
•Describe the mechanism of creation. 
•How the Lord permeates the entire universe? 
•Why people are not aware of the substratum of the universe? 
•How one can come out of this delusion? 
•How one can realize the Self despite difficulties?

N.B. A few charts are given in  the Annexure to facilitate easy comprehension of the concepts discussed in this  Chapter.

Next time we will proceed from the Verse 7.16

Harih Om

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