Bhagavad Gita- Chapter 7 (Part-2) Jnaana Vijnaana Yogah- Yoga of Knowledge and Wisdom


avyaktam vyaktimaapannam manyante  maamabuddhayah
    param bhaavamajaananto mamaavyayamanuttamam  // 7.24 //

The  foolish think of Me, the Unmanifest, as endowed with manifest form, not knowing  My supreme, immutable and transcendent nature.

That  which is available for the perception of the sense organs or for the feelings  of the mind or for the understanding of the intellect is called the `manifest'.  That which is not available for any one of these instruments of cognition,  feeling or understanding is considered as `unmanifest'.

The  ignorant think that the Lord, too, like an ordinary mortal, comes down from the  unmanifested state and assumes a body, impelled by His past karma. This belief  is due to their ignorance of His real nature, which is unchanging and ever luminous.  Thus disregarding the Lord, the foolish worship the minor deities for the fulfillment  of their selfish desires.

The  misunderstood men come to the conclusion that physical glory of an incarnation  is all the eternal truth. Although the form of an incarnation can be the focus  of concentration, it cannot by itself be the Truth. The forms we impose on the  Formless are due to our limitations. We turn away from the contemplation of the  Ultimate Reality to concentrate upon imaginative reconstructions.

All  Gods except the One Unmanifest Eternal are forms imposed on Him. God is not one  among many. He is the One behind the ever changing many, who stands beyond all  forms, the immutable centre of mobility.


naaham prakaashah sarvasya  yogamaayaasamaavritah
    moodho'yam naabhijaanaati loko  maamajamavyayam // 7.25 //

Veiled  by My Maya born of the gunas, I am not revealed to all. This deluded world does  not know Me as the unborn and eternal.
  The  Lord says this deluded world does not know Me, the Unborn and the Immortal  because of their own illusion, born out of the three Gunas which veil Me from  them. Maya is the illusion born out of the three Gunas through which the  Non-dual expresses itself. The principle of Maya functioning in an individual  is termed ignorance. By the play of the three Gunas or temperaments one gets  confused and hence the Self is not available for direct experience.

For  a person without any knowledge of electricity, it is unmanifest in a glowing  bulb. Once he comes to have the knowledge of the principle of electricity, it  becomes manifest to him in the very same bulb. Similarly, when through  self-control, listening, reflection and meditation, the agitations of the mind  are controlled and quietened and thereby when the veiling is removed, the  seeker rediscovers `Me, the unmanifest, the unborn, the Immutable'.

As  long as the agitations of the mind veil the intellect from its awareness of the  Self, the limited ego will continue to wander about among the sensual desires  and cannot experience Pure Consciousness even for a moment. Hence The Lord says  `the deluded world knows Me not as they are steeped in the illusion born out of  threefold Gunas' just as the waves shield the ocean from the visionary  perception.

vedaaham samateetaani vartamaanaani  chaarjuna
    bhavishyaani cha bhootani maam tu veda  na kashchana // 7.26 //

I  know O Arjuna, the beings of the past, the present and the future but no one  knows Me.

Because  of the Consciousness Principle, only the living beings are aware of the entire  field of the mind and the intellect. Consciousness or the Self is the same everywhere  which illumines the respective thoughts and ideas of the individual. Thus The  Lord or the Self is omniscient i.e. all-knowing. Hence He says `I know the  beings of the whole past, of the present and of the future.'

The  concept of awareness is eternal because It illumined the objects before, is  illumining now and will be doing so in future. It is beginningless and endless.  Although the Self activates the mind and the intellect neither of them can  perceive, feel or comprehend the Self. Hence The Lord says although He knows  everything and everyone at all times and places `none knows Him.'

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