Gospels of Mahavir

  • By Munisri Nyayavijayaji
  • February 2003

From the book Jaina Darsana by Munisri Nyayavijayaji translated into English as Jaina Dharma & Philosophy by Shri Nagin Shah. Courtesy and Copyright Bhogilal Lehar Chand Institute of Technology.

True Sacrifice

Susamvuda pamcahim samvarehim iha jiviam anavakamkhamana /
Vosatthakaya suicattadeha mahajayam jayai jannasittham //
-Uttaradhyayanasutra, 12.42

Those who are well protected by the five vows and are not attached to the life of sensual pleasures, who dedicate their body to the performance of good actions, who are pure-hearted and righteous are indeed continuously engaged in the performance of supreme sacrifice which brings them victory in the field of good conduct.

Tavo joi jivo joithanam joga suya sariram karisamgam /
Kamme eha samjamajogasamti homam hunami isinam pasattham //
-Uttaradhyayanasutra, 12.44

Austerity is my fire; soul my fireplace; threefold activity of mind, speech and body is my sacrificial ladle; the body the dried cow dung; karman is my fuel; self-control, good activity and tranquility are the oblations, praised by the sages, which I offer. As this sacrifice is of the form of pure self-restraint, it brings peace and happiness to the sacrifice. It is this sacrifice that is extolled by the great sages.

True Brahmana

Jaha paumam jale novalippai varina /
Evam alittam kamehim tam vayam buma mahanam //
-Uttaradhyayanasutra, 25.26

He who is not defiled by cravings for sensual pleasures as a lotus growing in the water is not wetted by it, him we call a brahmana.

Jayaruvam jahamattam niddhamtamalapavagam /
Raga-dosa-bhayaiam tam vayam buma mahanam //
-Uttaradhyayanasutra, 25.21

He who is free from attachment, aversion and fear, and as a result who shines forth like burnished gold, purified in fire, him we call a brahmana.

Holy Ablution

Dhamme harae bambhe samtititthe anaile attapasannalese /
Jahimsi nhao vimalo visuddho susitibhuo pajahami dosam //
-Uttaradhyayanasutra, 12.46

The good and righteous conduct is my pond, celibacy my holy bathing place, which is not turbid, and throughout clear for the soul; there I make ablutions; pure, clean and thoroughly cooled I get rid of hared (or impurity).

Charity or Donation

Jo sahassam sahassanam mase mase gavam dae /
Tassavi samjamo seo adimtassavi kimcana //
-Uttaradhyayanasutra, 9.40

A man who gives no alms but controls himself is better than one who gives, every month, thousands and thousands of cows.

True War

Jo sahassam sahassanam samgame dujjae jine /
Egam jinejja appanam esa se paramo jao. //
-Uttaradhyayanasutra, 9.34

A man who conquers nobody but himself is the greater victor than one who conquers thousands and thousands of valiant enemies.

Appanam eva jujjhahi kim te jujjhena bajjhao /
Appanam eva appanam jaitta suhamehae //
-Uttaradhyayanasutra, 9.35

Fight with your own self; why fight with external enemies? He who conquers himself through himself will attain happiness.

Se asaim uccagoe, asaim niagoe, no hine, no airitte,…..
Ko goyavai? ko manavai?
-Acarangasutra, 2.3.77

A soul has been born in high families and low families innumerable times. So, who is high and who is low? Who is gotravadi (believer in family lineage) and who is abhimanavadi (believer in family pride)?

Jaha punnassa katthai, taha tucchassa katthai;
Jaha tucchassa katthai, taha punnassa katthai /
-Acarangasutra, 2.6.101

The saint or the wise should speak to the poor, the wretched and the miserable the way they speak to the fortunate, the rich and the kings; and they should speak to the fortunate, the rich and the kings the way they speak to the poor, the wretched and the miserable.

Purisa! saccam eva samabhijanahi /
Saccassa anae se uvatthie mehavi maram tarai /
-Acarangasutra, 3.3.118

O men ! understand Truth rightly. The intelligent person who obeys the commands of Truth crosses death.

Savvao pamattassa bhayam, savvao appamattassa natthi bhayam /
-Acarangasutra, 3.4.123

One who is unmindful and careless has fear from every quarter, while one who is mindful and vigilant has fear from nowhere.

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