Jain philosophy simplified

  • By Shri Narottamdas Kapasi
  • July 2002

Journey of Soul      

182.  Just as no one knows the commencement and the end of the journey of the Sun and Moon, no one knows the commencement and the end of the journey of soul.
183. The soul travels from North to South, from East to West and from highest region in the heaven and in the lowest region in the hill.
184. The journey is continuous and endless.
185. In its journey, the soul takes various forms.  It takes the form of earth, water, light, wind and vegetation.  It takes forms of warms, germs, inseeds, etc.  It takes the forms of birds, beats and human brings.
186. Some forms are static and some are moving.  Some are speechless and some are endowed with speech.
187. The soul gets diverse forms, depending on its karmas.
188. The forms of earth, water, light and wind continue for numerous years.  The form of vegetation may continue for an infinite period,
189. The journey ends, when the soul attains perfection and enters.  The eternal abode.
In the course of the journey, a soul gets innumerable experiences in innumerable lives, through which the soul passes.  It is said that in its long journey, there is nothing that the soul has not experienced.

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