Jain philosophy simplified

  • By Shri Narottamdas Kapasi
  • July 2002


95. Jainism says that if you sow a bad seed, you reap a bad fruit.  If you sow a good seed, you reap a good fruit. Sowing and reaping are your own acts. If you take nectar, you live. If you take poison, you leave this world.
96. There is no external authority to give you either a reward or punishment.
97. You are a free bird. If you choose to fly in air, you are at liberty to do so.  If you choose to fall on earth, nothing on earth prevents you from doing so. It is your actions, which determine fruit. It is your ‘karmas’ that determine your future.
98. Every act, mental, vocal and physical invites ‘karma’.
99. Just as a computer records the Data fed to it, the thoughts, words and deed are recorded by the soul.
  100.  Not only a record is made, the karma binds itself to the soul.
101.  ‘Karma’ are particles of matter.  But they are too small to be seen. But normally, 
         they reign over the soul. A few drops of poison, affects the life.  So, the karmas
         affect the soul.
102. There are eight kinds of karmas.  One clouds knowledge. Two clouds vision.  Three gives happiness or unhappiness, depending on the acts, good or bad.  Four blinds your approach of seeing the Truth. It raises your passions. It creates anger, vanity, fraud, avarice, etc. Five fixes your life span, in the next life. Six gives you a physical form, good or bad, attractive or unattractive.  It determines your fame, etc. Seven gives you your strata of life, high or low. Eight deters you from receiving benefits, from enjoying good tings of life.  It also prevents you, from exercise your vigour and energy.
103.   The names of the right karmas are - Gnyana varnia, Darshana varania,
          Vedaniya,  Mohaniya,  Ayushya,  Nam,  Gotra  and  Antaraya. Good acts attract
          good karmas and bad act attract bad karmas. Virtues attract good karmas and
          vice versa.
104.    The restraint of desires prevents karmas from coming and binding the soul.   
           The penance dispels the karmas. The salvation is attained, when all the karmas 
           are dispelled. The soul has no beginning. So, the karmas have no beginning.
           Like gold in a gold mine, dust is mixed with gold from immaterial times. A
           circle has no beginning and no end.
105.    When a man was first born, no one knows. When a hen first laid eggs, no one  
           Knows. It Adam & Eve were extradited from heaven, the heaven was enlisting
           prior thereto. From when, no one knows.
106.    The Jainism wants every soul to attain salvation.  Every soul is capable of 
attaining it.
107.    In the eyes of Jainism all are equal.  All attain perfection.  There is no special  
           status like a super power’s.
108.    It is not an easy job to get perfection. Evil karmas serve as your enemies in 
   the path to salvation. Every moment, they create obstacles and hurdles in your 
   progress.  They attract you to evil things and you become a victim.
109.    Jainism tries to save you, becoming a victim of evil deeds.  It tells you  to
          observe ‘Ahinsa, Truth, Non theft, celibacy and to surrender possessions. 

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