Jain philosophy simplified

  • By Shri Narottamdas Kapasi
  • July 2002


116. Bhagwan Mahavir preaches 

“Speak the Truth. Relate the facts in a correct manner, as they have taken place.”

“Don’t try to cover up the Truth.”

“Don’t be afraid of telling the Truth”.

Remember that a time will come, when Trust will be exposed.

“Don’t have others by your speech, even sweet speech is unwelcome, if it harms others.  Better be silent.”

“Relate Truth in a sweet and pleasing manner.”

“If you fear that the expression of Truth will be harmful to you discard your fear and give out the Truth.”

“Remember that our untruth creates a number of untruths”.

“Remember that untruth creates in another a failing of taking revenge.”

“Remember that people lose faith and trust in you, if you resort to untruth.”

Will lead people to discard their love for you.

“Remember that your untruth will result in withering away your reputation.”
“Remember that covering Truth, will lead you to practice fraud and you will be induced to indulge in a claim of untruths.”

“ Don’t attribute your guilt to others, who are in recent and who will seriously suffer by your misconduct.”

“The Truth is not confirmed to speech only. Your actions must be in accordance with Trust.”

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