Essence of Pranayama

  • By Dr. Shrikrishna B. Tengshe
  • November 2012

We have uploaded the entire book ‘Essence of Pranayama’.

Excerpts from Author’s note

This book on the Essence of Pranayama has been prepared keeping in view the needs of all those who would like to undertake the practice of Pranayama in all its seriousness. It is also addressed to those who are interested in using these practices, not only for the spiritual purpose but also for its application in the field of health and healing.

The aim of this book is to help the student to grasp this essential nature of the Pranayama. All the relevant information from this point of view can be found in this book, yet it does not claim to be either the exhaustive treatise on Pranayama or the work which could replace personal teaching. It is to be used mainly as the friendly companion while learning Pranayama under the guidance of some expert teachers.

For more exhaustive treatment of this subject, the reader should refer to the ''Pranayama'', an excellent book written by Swami Kuvalayananda, the founder of Kaivalyadhama.

The chapters are –

Nos Chapter Title Pg no in PDF file
1 Yogic Concepts of Body Functions in the Context of Pranayama. 17
2 Evolution of Pranayama. 43
3 General Consideration of the Practical Aspect of Pranayama. 49
4 Technical Consideration of the Practical Aspect of Pranayama. 63
5 Preparation for Pranayama Sadhana. 85
6 Important Practical Hints for the Daily Practice of Pranayama. 91
7 Appraisal of the Scientific Investigations on Pranayama. 111
8 Prayers and Mantropasana. 123

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